Rekindling Friendships

As we grow older…. our world in some ways seem to become smaller.  By that I mean.. we have our own circle of familiy and friends that we spend most of our time with and it often doesn’t include people that were in that circle long ago.  Most of us marry and start to raise a family and everything in our life revolves around that family and work.  Very often our friends from the past fall out of the picture.

I’m very grateful  for the chance I had to rekindle a few special friendships tonight.  I was lucky enough to attend a very small gathering of a few friends from High School.  Some of these people I hadn’t seen in a very long time and a couple of them traveled a long distance to be there.  (Actually… the one friend was coming in town from back east and suggested the get together while she was here…. but it was a great excuse to plan it!)    It’s amazing to me how most of us haven’t changed a lot over the years!  All things considered… I think we look pretty dang good!

It’s so fun to sit in a room with these people and think back on High School memories and remember the special times we had together.  I’ve always felt very blessed that I had such a great group of kids to go to school with.  Some of us were talking tonight and saying that although there were different groups of people in our class, that we were all nice to each other and often intermingled in more than one activity.  We had an English teacher that was the adviser for our class .  She was in charge of our student council meetings, etc. for our class.  She often told us how much she liked our class.  She thought we were a special group of kids and enjoyed working with us a lot.  For years after, she always said we were her favorite!

I’m so happy and grateful to have had the chance to sit near some dear dear friends who I still cherish so much!  Just wish we could have spent more time together!  Thanks to all for being dear to me and for the chance to rekindle that!  And how we missed those of you who were hoping to come but didn’t make it!  And to those who didn’t try or couldn’t come….. hopefully next time!   Thanks for planning it LJ!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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