Central Vac Pan Sweep

I really should just say I’m grateful for Central Vac in general…..but I’m focusing on the Vac Pan Sweep feature today.  Do you have central vac?  I really enjoy it.  When we moved into this condo, the basement was unfinished, so we installed the Central Vac while we had access to the open ceiling down there.  My favorite part of the central vac system is the thing they call the Vac Pan Sweep.

These little handy items are installed at various places in your house at the base of a cabinet.  The purpose of them is to be able to do a quick sweep job and then instead of having to bend over and sweep it into a dust pan…. you use your foot to open the vent on the vac pan and sweep it over the opening and it sucks it right up!  Nifty feature!

I was particularly grateful for that feature today.  As I mentioned earlier… I have been dealing with some severe back pain this week…. hence why this post is very late!  Consequently, I haven’t been able to get much done.    This morning a friend mentioned that they would be dropping by for a minute so I panicked and decided we needed to clean up a little.  My DH was washing all the dishes and I decided to so a quick sweep of the floor in the kitchen area and that little vac pan made my job much easier!  Especially with my back pain!  I didn’t have to bend over to complete the job and I didn’t have to drag out the big hose to use the entire vacuum system….. which really would have hurt!  As it was….. I was ready to sit down when I was done!  Funny thing….. the friend just stopped quickly at the door and didn’t come in so I didn’t even need to worry!  But that’s OK!  It needed it anyway and I felt better that it was done!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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