Pot Luck

Don’t you love Pot Luck gatherings?  Most of the time I want a copy of everyone’s recipe!  Unfortunately… I didn’t get that last night but I sure got to sample some awesome food!

I had some weekend training to go to and they decided to turn it into a pot luck gathering.  Goodness there were some great salads there!  Sandwiches, cheese and crackers, breads and dips, dips and chips and of course desserts!  What an a sundry of choices!  And you know what?  Not one person brought soda pop!  And no one missed it!  Just nice clean cold water!  My husband says his favorite was the Orange Chicken.  While it could have been homemade…… I suspect it was boxed stuff.  And why not?  I believe it’s Panda Express or something similar that you can find at Costco now…. why go to the trouble? My favorites were the salads.  I don’t mean green….

With the kind of training it was….. there were a lot of people there that we didn’t know…. plus we were a little late arriving….so I didn’t really know who brought what…. or I would have asked for recipes!  So my new idea is to never have a pot luck gathering without asking them to bring recipes along!  Of course, there will be those times when that would not be very feasible…. like for instance, a missionary farewell….. but most other things…..  like pot lucks at work or other church socials…. it could certainly be done!  And isn’t it always better to taste a recipe before you make it???

Anyone want to share their favorite recipe they like to take to pot luck gatherings?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


One Reply to “Pot Luck”

  1. I love to cook, and really enjoy pot luck gatherings! Here is an easy and favorite recipe:
    1 2 pound pack frozen meatballs
    1 can jellied cranberry sauce
    1 bottle Heinz chili sauce

    Place meatballs in crockpot, pour sauces over and cover. Cook on high for 4 hours, then turn to low for serving. I sometimes add Bengal hot mango chutney as well, but it’s harder to find here in Utah. Serve with toothpicks or 4″ skewers so people can stab a few at a time. YUM!

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