Family Visits With My Kids

It’s so hard to get together anymore!  My kids schedules seem to be so mixed that finding time together is a chore.

My kids from L to R.... Nate, Mandy and Jon

Tonight…. they all surprised me by just showing up!  Usually it’s me begging and planning to get them all together at once.  What a pleasant surprise!  The only one missing tonight is my oldest son’s girlfriend.  She is not feeling well so she decided not to come.  And we miss her…. Other than that, they are all here…. including all the grand puppies!  (I’ve said it before….. I don’t have grand kids….. just grand puppies!)

Tonight we aren’t even around the big screen TV playing the Wii or Rock Band!!   Just watching a little TV but visiting too.  It’s fun to listen to there opinions about the various shows we are watching…. including shows like Shark Tank and the Les Miserable concert.  Ah yes….. many opinions and analysis…..  good times!  I must say…. all my kids are very bright and intelligent people….. which makes for good conversation.

Our get togethers are too few and far between!!  I would prefer it to just be a regular occurrence every Sunday night…. but it’s not likely to happen right now.  Hopefully in the future….. soon!

Here’s to hoping!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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