This journey of a Daily Post on my blog is an interesting one.  Especially since I feel I have limited my ‘topic’.  But then again…… so much to be grateful for!

There is something to be said about a regimen of discipline.  This is probably one of the first things, that I can remember, that I’ve stuck to doing for more than a 30-60 day period.  I’ve done OK with some things… diets….. in the past for a certain length of time….. but anything past a month or two and I struggle.  Perhaps it’s from the feeling of being deprived.

Blogging, however is a little different.  I’m not deprived from anything…. in fact quite the opposite.  It makes me take time to be very aware of the things around me.  I’m still not as aware as I should be….. but I’m paying more attention to things or reflecting back on my day to see what I might have missed.

Gratitude is a funny thing….. at least for me in this blogging thing.  I really find myself being grateful for the SAME things all the time!  It’s hard not to just say, “I’m grateful for my husband…. I’m grateful for my kids, my Mom,  my family”  etc., etc.  I guess the good part of that is the fact that I AM noticing how I am constantly grateful for those things!  Paying attention to that and trying not to take it for granted is a good thing.  The struggle comes in my commitment to not blog about the same thing twice!  So here’s my challenge to you….. name 365 things you are grateful for….. right now!!  (Then forward me the list so I can steel some ideas!)

Blogging has also made me aware of how I need to improve my English skills!  I know that I don’t always punctuate correctly!  For instance… have you noticed how I like to use.  ‘……………’  a lot………. !  It’s my way of trying to make you feel a pause in my speaking….. as if you were actually hearing me……..  But I’m pretty sure I don’t remember learning that in any English class I took…….   ………   Oh well…. hopefully you’ll understand better now when you see all those dots!  Thanks for staying tuned in!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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