Value Speak

I have a friend whom I personally think is a brilliant writer.  I love his style and the stuff he does.   I kind of think of him as our local Dave Barry.

I know there are several papers who have and do carry his weekly column Value Speak…. like the Davis County Clipper.  But since I don’t live in Davis County…. I am lucky enough to get emails of his articles.  (That comes from being very good friends…)  You can also access his stuff by ‘liking’ ‘Fans of Joe Walker’ on Facebook….. Oops…. I just gave his name away!

I suppose one of the reasons I enjoy his articles so much is because I do personally know him….. so I can hear his voice and inflections as I read.  I know his sense of humor.  Plus…. many of his articles are about childhood memories…. which makes me fairly familiar with whom he is talking about, and that makes it even more fun for me!  His style is so down home…. so real.  Thoughts that we probably all think to ourselves in similar situations.  And of course….. humorous!

I’m going to do some shameless promotion here…..Besides his brilliant weekly articles…. Several of his articles are collected in two of his books: How To Mend a Broken Spleen and Look What Love Has Done….. both available at  I would totally recommend his newest book: Christmas On Mill Street.  A delightfully funny short novel full of fun and laughter.   A short description of the book says: “Take A Christmas Story and mix in The Sandlot and you’ll get Joseph Walker’s new holiday novel — Christmas on Mill Street.” It’s really a great read…. available at Deseret Book. (I should be promoting that one at Christmas time…. but it’s a great read anytime!)

I am grateful today that I have such wonderful friends that can speak and write so ellioquently!  Thanks for your inspiration and joy that you bring into my life!  I look forward weekly to your articles….. even the serious ones!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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