Pain Free Day

In light of what I’ve been experiencing the last couple of weeks with my back….. I’m so grateful to have had a fairly pain free day today!

I guess I’ve always had back pain off and on since I was a teenager.  It usually comes and goes fairly quickly….. but other times it decides to be a nuisance!  This time it has been worse for a longer period of time than I ever remember before.  The weird thing is I didn’t even do anything to make it go out.  Usually, it will be a quick movement in the wrong direction or something that will jack it up….. but this time…..  nothing.

I had been sitting for fairly long periods of time when it started bothering me a couple of Sundays ago.  I would get up and move to a different spot every so often…. but still…. just sitting!  By the next morning it was killing me and by the next day… BAD!!  Again, I don’t recall it ever being this painful.  It hurt like you know what to get in and out of the car to go get treatments!  It’s been so nice the last two days to be able to do that pretty much without pain.  And rolling over in bed!!  Yikes!  It made me realize how important it is to keep our ‘core’ strong…… since everything you do movement wise can be felt in your core!  And that’s right where my pain has been.

But I’m on the mend.  Pretty much back to doing normal things…. just a little cautiously.  Still icing.  At least I got to go work in the temple today for the first time in 2 weeks!  I was grateful for that too, because we are dropping Fridays from our Temple work days and I wanted to be there to say Goodbye to my friends!  So thank heavens for therapy and healing and a pain free day!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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