Some days…. I really try to come up with something brilliant!  And today as the day draws closer to an end…. again I struggle.  Sometimes I’ll think of something and wonder how on earth will I blog about that?  Today is one of those days.  But we will give it a shot.

I walked by my closet a while ago and saw the skirt I wore today hanging there and thought to myself…. I love all the colors in that skirt!  And suddenly, I starting thinking about how thankful I am for color!  As much as I love black and white photography….. I wouldn’t want to live in a black and white world!  How boring would that be?  Color represents so much.  Just like there are a million different colors in the world that are each so different from each other…… there area also many ‘colors’ of people.  Of course I’m not talking about skin color here….. but the color of our personalities.  Yes, I know there are personality tests out there that peg each of us into one or two of a few colors….. but none of us are the same…. regardless of what similarities there are between us.  Just like our fingerprint we are all unique.

Do you think that there have ever been two flowers that are exactly the same?  I really don’t think so.  I think with close observation you would see some differences whether it be in size or depth of color, there would be something different.  I have a graphic program that allows you to use the same picture in 3 different formats.  My favorite, of course is the one with all the depth and shading of color.  Then there’s the format of one level color without any shading…much like a child would do in a coloring book which makes the picture look flat.  And the last is the line drawing without any color at all.  It’s interesting to see that graphic ‘come to life’ with each format.

Of course I have my favorite colors….. but I truly believe that I love all colors.  Even colors that I think I wouldn’t like in decorating, I see designers use on walls or accent pieces and I think they are beautiful!  I love to be inspired by other people’s use of color in creating things wonderful to look at!

I’m grateful that all things in life have the depth of color that give us a 3 dimensional world!  Maybe I came up with something brilliant after all!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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