Why is it that commitment is SO dang hard sometimes?  Obviously not all commitments are hard…… though what’s not hard for me may be hard for another person.  For instance…… I am totally committed to my marriage.  That has never been a struggle for me.  The fact that I have an absolutely wonderful man helps……but it’s also a philosophy I was raised with….  to be committed to your marriage.

Other things are hard for me to commit to though.  Like for instance….. diets…..  Daily reading of the scriptures….  Daily Exercise…..  Drinking 62 oz or more of water a day.  Those are hard for me!!  They may be easy for some people…. but they are hard for me.  This blog has been a hard commitment for me too….. and I’m only 3 months into it!!  If I forget to blog during the day…. which I so often do….. and then I have things going in the evening and come home to check my email before I go to bed….. and there it is….. that email reminding me to blog!!  Like tonight…… I saw it and said….”Why did I commit to this?”  But then I remember that it’s for my own personal growth.  It’s to prove to myself that I can do it.  I’m sure that most of you would not miss it if I missed a day or two…. but then that would not be keeping my commitment to myself.

I suppose following a commitment through to the very end will teach me a lot of things.  Discipline being one of them.  I believe that plays a big part in commitment.  Will power, determination, tenacity, creativity….. lots of things.  I know for sure I will be a better person.

Often I like to search the internet for words of wisdom related to the topic I am blogging about and tonight is no exception….  The following is from a website called Prism Ltd..  Here’s part of their definition of commitment:    “The most important single factor in individual success is COMMITMENT. Commitment ignites action. To commit is to pledge yourself to a certain purpose or line of conduct. It also means practicing your beliefs consistently. There are, therefore, two fundamental conditions for commitment. The first is having a sound set of beliefs. There is an old saying that goes, “Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” The second is faithful adherence to those beliefs with your behavior. Possibly the best description of commitment is “persistence with a purpose”.”

So my ‘persistence with a purpose’ is to do what I set out to do….. blog daily to remind me how much there is to be grateful for!  To have a year of an Attitude of Gratitude!  I’m grateful I made the commitment to do it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


One Reply to “Commitment”

  1. Wanda:

    I am AMAZED and INSPIRED by your commitment to stay with your daily blog. A daily journal is one of my biggest challenges. Thank you for setting an example for me. Don’t give up . . . you’re learning great things about yourself!

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