I may regret somewhere down the road being so general by choosing Nuts as a topic…. I may wish I had only picked one kind so I could blog about others!

I am ‘nutty’ about nuts!  Pretty much all kinds of nuts.  I may have to verify that here in a minute…. but I do like nuts.  I’m going to venture out and say that almonds are my favorite.  Especially fresh raw almonds.  My favorite place to acquire them is in the Fall in St. George.  Each October we go down to the Senior Games so my hubby can play soft ball.  In the first few days of the games…. there is a guy who sells fresh raw California almonds out of the back of his truck.  He sells the large ziplock bags stuffed full of them for $20 a piece.  I’m all over that!  That’s actually a great price for that many nuts.   In fact, last year we bought 2 bags for ourselves.  We just barely finished off the second bag…..  which means I may need to buy 4 this coming Fall to get me through the year!  “But, how do they stay fresh?” you say….. well…. you freeze them!!  I just pull what I need out of the freezer and the rest of them stay wonderfully fresh.  De-lish!!

Next it’s a toss up between cashews and macadamia nuts.  Again…. I love them raw.  A year or so ago you used to be able to buy a bag of mixed raw nuts from Sam’s club.  I don’t know why they quit carrying it because it was so good!  It had almonds, cashews, macadamia, brazil nuts, and walnuts.  It was such a good healthy snack!  I almost dropped my Sam’s membership when they quit carrying them!

Nuts are good for you.  For a long time there was controversy over that idea.  For a while there, we were told that the fat inside nuts is TOO fattening and not good for you.  Yeah…. right…. just like our Mother’s were told that formula is better for baby than breast milk!! WHATEVER!  I’m glad they have come to their senses and once again proclaimed nuts as healthy!  (And Breast milk too….)  The problem, as with most food for me….. comes in the portion!  Only a small handful a day is what I’m suppose to limit it to.  Not always easy to do!  Once I get started……. well… don’t get me started!

Here’s a hint for nuts that aren’t as fresh as they could be… (like the raw almonds you buy in bulk at Costco)….  Try soaking them over night in water.  Yep!!  That’s right…. soak ’em!  It will fatten them up and make them much easier to chew because of the added moisture.  By soaking them overnight… you are actually ‘sprouting’ the nuts.  In case you didn’t know…. anything in it’s sprouted form is full of many more nutrients.  So soak your old almonds!  They taste better and they are better for you!  Just keep them refrigerated after soaking and eat them within a few days because they will go moldy if you don’t!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


One Reply to “Nuts”

  1. I really enjoy all the talk, but u have touched a subject near & dear to my heart or tummy!I am bonkers over nut. One I have been enjoying recently is pistachios. I buy a brand called everybody’s nuts, three kinds, salt & pepper, garlic & onion, Chile & lime.

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