Eye Sight


I guess I can’t really say enough about being grateful for my eye sight….. even thought it’s not the best right now and I get a little frustrated with that….. I still have eye sight, and I’m grateful!

A few years ago I had lasik surgery on my right eye.  Since I am nearsighted, we decided to only correct one eye for distance and leave the other eye alone so I could still see things close up without glasses.  At the time, I could still focus up close fairly well.  For those of you that don’t know…. this is called Mono-vision.   It’s amazing how the brain adapts to what you are looking at and knows which eye to focus out of.  Though mono-vision doesn’t give you the clearest vision possible…. it’s still pretty good.  The problem I have been facing is dry eye.  When my eyes are dry and tired….. my vision is much worse than normal.  And on days when I get up very early, like today….. by late afternoon, my vision is much worse.  Hence…. where the frustration comes in!

I did have the doctor give me a prescription for glasses that would correct my left eye so that I could drive a little more safely at night and also when my eyes are tired….. but they still seem to not correct it enough….. at least not so that it’s crystal clear.  I like 20/20 or better vision, and I haven’t had that for a while!

I remember the first time I got glasses when I was in Jr. High.  I had no idea I needed glasses…. I could see just fine… I thought.  Then the day I walked out of the optometrist office with my new glasses on, and it was like opening a whole new world to me!  I still remember looking across the street at a big old tree and saying “I can see all the individual leaves on that tree!”  I was so amazed!  Then I stepped off the curb!  LOL  Have you ever done that with a new prescription and a new pair of glasses ??  You’re brain hasn’t yet adjusted to this new vision you have and your perception is a little off.  It’s pretty humorous….. but it doesn’t take long for the brain to adjust.

While I may need corrective lenses or corrective surgery to have better vision….. at least I have that option!  I am grateful that I can see as well as I do and that I don’t have to miss out on all the wonderful things the world has to offer!  I see trees of green, red roses too………..What a wonderful world it is!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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