Getting off my Butt!

Who would have thought I’d be grateful for such a thing!!  I spend a lot of time on my computer….  probably too much time…. but I do a lot of my business that way, so I’m on it a lot.  Which means I am sitting a lot.  In my easy chair….with my laptop.  Why would I want to move, right?

Well.. actually….. with the back trouble I’ve had the last couple of weeks…. I wasn’t getting much else done.  At least that’s my excuse!  Now that I am feeling better…. I don’t have much of an excuse!  It’s a matter of priority.  Since we had company coming over tonight, I felt it a little necessary to get up and clean the house a little.  Plus it’s time to haul out the Spring decor!!  I was going to do that last week but…. (refer to my previous statement as to why that didn’t happen…)!

It felt great to get out of my easy chair and clean up!  Though I wasn’t able to do ‘Spring Cleaning”…. which my house desperately needs…. at least I was able to clean the floors and do the dishes, etc, etc,… AND put out the Spring/Easter decor!  The house looks much fresher now.  I love having Holiday/Seasonal decor around.  It’s festive!  Besides the cleaning that got done…. I got quite a bit done for my business too!  It was refreshing to ‘get off my butt’ and do it!

In case you missed a post I made on FB yesterday….  here it is again: “You can’t make Footprints in the Sands of time while you’re sitting on your butt….. and nobody wants to make Butt prints in the Sands of Time! –Bob Moawad So hopefully today wasn’t spent making too many Butt prints in the Sand of Time!!  It felt good making Footprints instead!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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