Lita’s Selfless Service

I know I’ve blogged about service before….. but this time I’m getting particular.  My blog today is about a friend of mine who’s undying service is an inspiration to me!

We were invited to Lita’s house this evening to celebrate her 50th Birthday.  It’s a birthday that a lot of us don’t want to admit we’ve had….. myself included.  But nonetheless….. we’ve reached that age.  It was a nice, though short visit with Lita and Chuck.  In the process of this visit, we talked about some physical problems she is having right now…. problems that are causing her a lot of pain.  I started thinking after we left that she has probably earned those pains!

Lita and Chuck were blessed with 5 children….. two of which were special needs boys.  I should know enough to be able to tell you the name of the rare disease that both the boys had… but I don’t.  Honestly… to the best of my recollection it was something the doctors had never seen before and I think they named it after her oldest boy.  Without going into a lot of explanation…. let’s just say that the boys needed help with a lot of things.  Including things physical….. which meant that Lita did a lot of lifting and carrying of those boys for a long time!  Though the disease they had never let them grow very large in stature…. they were not slight in weight.  They never were able to verbally communicate…. in our language….. but they did it in their own language… which the family came to understand.  Wonderfully loving and sweet boys that were a joy to be around.

Chuck and Lita

Unfortunately, the disease took both of the boys at a fairly young age.  You’ve never seen a Mother mourn more for the loss of her children than Lita did.  Particularly when they lost the second boy.  Now what would she do with her time?  She had devoted her entire married life, up to that point, to taking care of these boys, as well as her 3 girls….  She felt lost and empty.  The only way she was able to pull herself out of the depression she was experiencing was to devote herself to helping others.  She’s had several jobs that require a lot of service to other children with problems.  Serving has been her whole life and remains one of the things that brings her joy….. until now.  With the pain she is struggling with, she has had to give up some of those things that mean so much to her.

Hopefully, there will be some relief for her physical pains soon and she can continue on with her selfless service which not only brings her joy…but blesses countless others lives!  Thanks for being such an inspiration Lita!  And Happy 50th!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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