Primary Songs

When I was a kid…. my Mom was the Primary Chorister in my Ward.  I grew up knowing all the Primary songs very well.  In fact…. I used to play Primary Chorister at home.   I loved to pull out all of her visual aids and line up all my dolls and pretend they were the Primary kids.  So of course, when I got called to be the Primary Chorister when my kids were little…. I was pretty excited.  Little did I know how much work it really was!

The music for Primary has changed a little over the years.  Some of the old standards area still there….. though they aren’t sung as often.  I really enjoy a lot of the newer Primary songs….. songs that would be considered standard today.   But it seems that every few years the Primary introduces a new song to the kids…. one that is not in the Children’s Songbook.  One such song is the song the Mo Tabs sang in the Saturday morning session of conference called “I Know My Savior Loves Me”.  Another one of my favorite newer Primary songs is “If The Savior Stood Beside Me”.  The message of both songs is so beautiful and the melodies are so memorable and easy to sing.  A song can teach and instill a message in a child like nothing else can.  And it’s a life long memory of recall.

The website says this about teaching music to children:   “There are many benefits that come from teaching music to children. Listening to music involves multiple parts of the brain. Music is a language with symbols, sounds, vocabulary, grammar and inflection in its communication. The simple act of hearing a rhythm stimulates the brain on both the left and right sides. Hearing and learning to play music helps the brain develop the potential to learn more effectively on a number of levels.”

Involving more parts of the brain is probably what makes music ‘stick’!  And I love the fact that Primary music is ‘stuck’ in my head!  Many times recalling that music can be uplifting and make me feel better.  One of my favorite Sundays of the year is when the Primary does their program!  It always makes the day brighter!

I’m grateful for Primary music and words that can touch my heart so often….. like the other Primary song that the choir sang in today’s session of conference… “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus”.  Though the arrangement wasn’t necessarily anything extremely ‘wow’…. the way it was sung with such reverence was breath taking!   Taking a Primary song and making it into an arrangement for adults to sing is something I love to hear and love to sing.  After all….. even though the music was written to instill wonderful things in children….we ALL need to have the messages instilled in us!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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