Disney Cartoons

I took the opportunity over the weekend to watch “Tangled”.   I’d never seen it before…. so I was excited to see it because of everything I had heard about it.  And can I just say….. OH- MY- GOSH!  Soooo dang cute!  Who would have ever thought to add all that cleverness to a story about Rapunzel!!

The funny part is….  if you read the original Grimms Fairy Tale…. it doesn’t resemble the story line of ‘Tangled” much at all!   But, I’m OK with that…. cause I like this story line better!  It’s much more entertaining!  Actually….. I think if you look closely at several of the Fairy Tales that Disney has made into movies, you will find a lot of artistic license used to enhance the story line….. but they always seem to make it more endearing!

Disney has made some wonderful classic cartoons over the years.  In my day, as a youngster,  it was the likes of Snow White or Sleeping Beauty or even Dumbo the Elephant…. (which were mostly classics from before I was born….)  all of which are wonderful classics that I still love…. but turning that animation into a musical adaption is what really brought Disney to the forefront… in my opinion.  I believe those types of Disney cartoons started with my kids generation.  And they are some of my favorites…..like Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, just to mention few!  And they just keep coming out with more for this new generation…. like Tangled, The Princess and The Frog and of course the beloved Toy Story series.  That’ s just a beginning!  If you are curious about a comprehensive list of Disney Cartoons…. check out this website:  http://www.thecompletistgeek.com/

The style of animation has changed over the years too.  I think the earlier Disney cartoons tried to make the characters look more ‘realistic’….. while the new style seems to be to over exaggerate the features of the characters….. like the eyes!  Have you noticed how big the eyes are in the last few cartoons…like Tangled?  I like it though. After all…. it’s a fictional character, so why not over exaggerate!

Disney has added some wonderful entertainment in our lives over the years.  While this blog is about the cartoons….. there are plenty of regular Disney movies that I love too!  But we’ll save that for another day!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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