So…. I’m sitting here next to my dear sweet husband while he is playing with the Ipad (we just decided that was our anniversary present to each other since we just got it the other day….)  We’re sitting here on our 32nd Anniversary and I’m thinking that I’m very grateful for Anniversaries!  Especially mine today!

Not that gift giving is a big thing at our house….  (Much to my children’s dismay)….I believe I talked about that in another blog…. but gifts don’t seem to make or break special days for us.  We know we love each other regardless.  In fact, earlier today we were talking about that.  I said to him….. “You know, when we have a bizillion dollars….( I say when because I’m working and planning on that!  (Did you hear that Universe????))…. I’m not even sure what I would get you for a gift!  I mean….. when money is not an issue…. don’t you just buy things as you need them?”  I guess his ’59 Corvette that he wants to buy and rebuild would count for a pretty spectacular gift….. or taking me on a pretty cool tropical vacation might count too……  maybe a lot!  Maybe it’s just that we’ve gotten so used to not making a big deal out it, we’ve forgotten what to do!!

Gifts or no gifts…. I’m grateful for my Anniversary today!  It gives me a chance to reflect back on our years together and remember our wedding day.  There are a lot of wonderful memories there!  I truly couldn’t ask for a better man for me!  I love spending time with him and I always have!  My favorite time of year during his working years was June, July and August because he was a teacher and I got to have him home for those 3 months! I know a lot of people don’t quite know what to do with their husbands when they retire….. but I didn’t have any trouble adjusting at all.  (Honey Dew…. honey dew….. jk… sort of!)

Today we celebrated by starting our day off volunteering in the temple.  We always refer to it as ‘working’ in the temple….but we really are volunteers because we don’t get paid anything!  At least not temporally!  What better way to start off the day since that’s the way we started our day 32 years ago!!   Then my daughter suggested we go to lunch at Cheesecake Factory since she was working and could take care of us….. so we did!  (Helps when your kids work there and the manager spots your appetizer and desert!!)   Since then we’ve enjoyed some quality time home together (including naps from our early morning schedule)… and are in the process of deciding what to do this evening……  work or pleasure?  What do you think?

Happy Anniversary Baby!!  I love you more than words can say!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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