Michael Buble

Smooth.  Cool.  Tasteful.  Suave.  Easy Listening.  Flowing.  Seamless.  Silky.  Velvet.  Need I go on?  This is only a few things that describe Michael Buble!  OH…… don’t forget….. yummy!

I’ve never been a fan of heavy metal music and it always had to be pretty easy listening rock and roll for me to enjoy it.  Perhaps because I was raised by parents who grew up in the 40’s when all those great jazz standards were around and I heard them a lot because that’s what my Mom played on the radio.  Can’t say I hated them by any stretch of the word.  I’m sure I had my days of wishing I could hear my own music instead of hers……but I learned to love all those great standards too.

Standards is pretty much what Michael Buble does…. with a mix of remakes from later years too…. along with some great original stuff…..but pretty much the old jazz standard style with his own flare and touch.  Great stuff.  I’ve always wanted to record my own album of jazz standards….  long before all these darn ‘kids’ started recording this stuff!   And someday I’m going to…. but in the meantime…. I’ll just relish on their talents!

Michael Buble has the kind of voice that I could listen to all day.  It’s not a voice that grates on your ears….. it doesn’t wear on you.  A great easy listening voice.  He’s been touted as having a vocal style similar to Frank Sinatra…. but I personally think it’s better!!  I do love crooners though.  Slick, sexy, romantic.  Yep….  give me a good crooner any day!!

Thanks for bringing joy into my life Michael!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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