Enthusiatic People

Enthusiasm seems to rub off on people… at least most people.  I suppose there are always one or two people in the crowd that can look at an enthusiastic person and just be annoyed.  I would say that reaction falls under Attitude…. which I’ll save to blog about on another day!

The other night I met an extremely enthusiastic person.  John and I had gone to a class given by a Doctor that practices Natural medicine.  This person was in attendance at that class.  Have you ever noticed that some people are just more vocal during a teaching situation that others are?  You could see that she was a really ‘bubbly’ person during the class.  She would ask questions and then nod her head and vocalize in agreement when the doctor said something that she agreed with that was new information to her.  After the class was over….. we hung around for a few minutes because I had a question to ask the Doc.  In the course of hanging around…. somehow the topic of weight was brought up and I made a comment about how I have heard that maybe the reason I struggle with keeping weight off is because for some reason I ‘can’t let it go’…. that it’s a ‘mental’ hang up I have.  Then… I was told that this lady is a Personal Coach and was great at helping people get beyond those kinds of issues.

She started talking to me….. with her very enthusiastic personality….. and actually was giving me a short little coaching lesson in what I needed to do to release those negative feelings about myself.  It was really quite delightful to watch her as she demonstrated a few things for me.  She is truly full of energy and vibrancy and it was hard not to feel that being around her.  She just ‘exudes’ with enthusiasm.  I can see how she would be a great coach and I’m tempted to work with her because of it!  I think it’s what makes her a successful coach.

One of the sayings I remember learning from my speech class in high school is by Ralph Waldo Emerson:  “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”    It really is true!  Think about people who achieve great things…… aren’t they usually really excited or enthusiastic about something?  Isn’t that what gives them the drive to stick with it?  It’s much more interesting and fun to learn something from someone when you know they are passionate about it and teach it with joy and excitement.  Those are the kinds of teachers that kept me awake in school!  Not the boring ones who seemed hum drum and not very interested in what they were teaching!!  Another saying goes like this:  “Enthusiasm ignites greatness”  So let’s all get ignited and stay enthusiastic about life!  Find your passion and live it!  Share it!  Be it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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