Tyler Norton

Some people are gifted speakers.  The kind that no matter how many times you hear them speak…..even if they are speaking on the same topic….. you still learn something and enjoy it.  This is the case of Tyler Norton.   I hope he won’t mind me singing his praises tonight.

I have had the opportunity to hear Tyler speak several times now.  I didn’t know much about him when I first met him.  I knew that he had a very successful career in the Insurance industry and was in high demand as a trainer and speaker.  I also knew that he was the son of the CEO of the company we have chosen to hang our hat with.  But that’s really all I knew.  Then we heard him speak.  He is very compelling and such a good teacher.  He speaks from the heart and loves to use his ‘white board’ to explain his beliefs and strategies.  I actually really like this aspect, because making it ‘visual’ to the people you are teaching helps to drive home your point.  He is very careful about making sure that you are ‘tracking’ with him before he moves on.

One of the great things that he teaches in our trainings is this: The OUTCOME is to BECOME and then the INCOME will follow.  I really love and appreciate this idea.  The definition of ‘becoming’ at dictionary.com, when used as a noun, is as follows:  any process of change… or…. any change involving realization of potentialities, as a movement from the lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality.  Isn’t ‘becoming’ what we should all be doing everyday?  The process of change or of learning, becoming better than we were.  Allowing ourselves to discover our true potentiality and loving and respecting others for theirs.

Let’s look at the definition of outcome for a minute.  Dictionary.com defines it as a noun as follows:  a final product or end result; consequence; issue….. or…..a conclusion reached through a process of logical thinking.   So to further expound on Tyler’s training motto mentioned above…..  By being more concerned about what we are like as a person….. by looking at the ‘bigger picture’……  the outcome is that we will become better.  Better at how we talk to people, better at being concerned about them as people and what their needs are and not as concerned about ourselves.  In showing them that we care about them, we build a relationship of trust which will ultimately affect what our income will be.

I am working on becoming so that I will be better at my work and as a person.  I am so grateful to be connected with such an amazing company!  Thanks for all your brilliance, Tyler!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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