Taxes are Done!

I know….. that’s kind of a lame thing to be thankful for….  but I am!  Every year we swear we are going to work on our taxes all year long so that when February rolls around and all the 1099’s and W2’s are in, we can just compile the information and send it off to our CPA!!!  But….. every February, there’s always something that holds us up!

They are never really good excuses either….. just facing the inevitable!  The fact that I dabble in too many side business’ does NOT help!  Hopefully this coming year will be a little easier, in a sense, since we are pretty focused on one business right now.  There are a lot of things to track that you can deduct with your own home based business, but so far this year we have done a better job.  We would just like to get all the hand written info into a data base now.  At the very least do it quarterly…..but taking time to do it monthly for an hour or so would be much easier!  And I realized after trying to cram my brain today to remember what all my little notes meant from last year, that putting it in a data base more often will make it much easier to remember!  Plus….. I think we might actually catch all the things we CAN deduct that way instead of letting them slip through our hands (or should I say memory….)!

So….. since I’ve committed to blog daily….. it’s the least I can do to get my husband to commit to doing tax stuff once a month…right?  Oh…. did I say that?  OK….we can work together on it….but he really is the data base guy in the family.  It may take us a while to get all of 2011 in….. especially since we are burnt out with 2010’s……..but we will both be much happier come next February if we do it now!!  And so will our tax man!  This should be the last year we get a refund…. so I better enjoy it while I can!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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