Count Your Blessings

Once and a while on Sundays I take the opportunity to listen to Music and the Spoken Word while I’m getting ready for church.  Last Sunday was one of those times.  Though I didn’t hear the whole thing….. I did catch the message and the song that followed.

Sunday’s message was on Living in Thanksgiving daily.  It’s a beautiful message so I hope you don’t mind that I have posted it below.  I would do it injustice to try and summarize it.  Not only did I love and appreciate what he said…..but it verified to me that this daily gratitude blog is something I should be doing.  I have to admit…. I did feel a little inspired to start it.  It really is amazing what you begin to notice when you take the time to see what blessings you have in your life.

One of my favorite parts of the message was concluding it with the choir singing the most beautiful rendition of “Count Your Blessings”… not the one from the hymn book….but the one written by Irving Berlin that gained popularity from the movie “White Christmas”.  I’ve always loved that song….. but the choir sang it with such reverence and awe that I was almost taken aback!  It was a lovely lovely way to conclude that beautiful message.  If I could, I would post the song here for you to listen to while you read this beautiful message.  Please enjoy it and remember to “Count your Blessings instead of sheep” daily so that you can experience that kind of happiness that is felt by recognizing how blessed you truly are!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Here are the lyrics to the song as well:
When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
And I fall asleep counting my blessings
When my bankroll is getting small
I think of when I had none at all
And I fall asleep counting my blessingsI think about a nursery and I picture curly heads
And one by one I count them as they slumber in their beds
If you’re worried and you can’t sleep
Just count your blessings instead of sheep
And you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings
Live in Thanksgiving Daily Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell
A wise man who spent many years traveling the world serving others said in his ninth decade of life:
“Over the course of my years, I have met thousands of people. I have dined with the prosperous as well as the poverty-stricken. I have conversed with the mighty and with the meek. I have walked with the famous and the feeble. I have run with outstanding athletes and those who are not athletically inclined.
“One thing I can tell you with certainty is this: You cannot predict happiness by the amount of money, fame, or power a person has. External conditions do not necessarily make a person happy…. The fact is that the external things so valued by the world are often the cause of a great deal of misery in the world.
“Those who live in thanksgiving daily, however, are usually among the world’s happiest people. And they make others happy as well.”1
It’s ironic to note that very often the simplest qualities of the heart are the most difficult to live by in consistent, meaningful ways. Gratitude is one of those qualities. We know we should be more thankful and express more gratitude, but we get caught up in the pressures of our lives, in the busyness of the day, in the heartache and difficulty we’re experiencing. Perhaps we let these things blind us to the many wonderful blessings that surround us.
Those with grateful hearts can affirm this remarkable truth: gratitude is one of the surest ways to happiness. If you’re feeling down, count your blessings; if you’re discouraged or overwhelmed, count your blessings. If life is good or bad, happy or sad, count your blessings. If we choose to live with gratitude in our hearts, if we choose to be thankful for life, for the gift of a new day, for loved ones, and for purposeful activity, we are bound to feel more happiness. And we’re sure to spread that happiness to others.

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