How Things Work

Where would we be if it wasn’t for curious people that want to know why and how things work?  Would you agree that some of the most amazing things we have been given in this life are as a result of someone’s curiosity?

Questions like,  Why? What if? How come?  What makes it do that?  It’s amazing to me that some people can be so fascinated with certain things…. things that would make the rest of our heads spin!  Yet they get it….they are curious and continue to study and try and figure out a way to improve things.  Take the computer for example…. did you know the first computer was invented in 1936?  IBM didn’t come on the scene till 1953!  Yet, if you’ve seen any old movies that feature ‘computers’…. you’ll remember that those early units were monstrous!  Who would have ever thought that they would evolve into something so small you can literally communicate with the world by holding a small device in your hand!  Someone had to be curious enough to figure out a better way to use a computer… and it has continued to develop into today’s technology.  What about medicine?  We have some amazing advances in medicine.  Things that were once thought impossible or were very intrusive are so easily done now and with much less recovery time!  What a blessing that is! So why would we be amazed if something came along that was once thought impossible?  Isn’t that what our parents and their parents thought about today’s technology?

I’m grateful for a little boy who kept trying to figure out why a blade of grass could be ‘cut’ and yet it could just grow back!  Curiosity that lead him into the field of science and physics.   A man so brilliant that he helped to develop a scientific breakthrough technology that is impacting peoples health in a way nothing ever has…… and so much less intrusively that it’s almost hard to believe!

While I have been fascinated with lots of things in my life time….. it’s never taken me to the point of being so driven to figure it out that it became my life’s passion!  I am grateful that I could learn about such things from the people that helped to figure it out.  Someone that just wanted to know “How Things Work” as a young boy!  Thank you Dr. Gary L. Samuelson!  Thanks for figuring out the scientific breakthrough of the century!  Thanks for making it possible to bless so many lives!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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