Jon Brady Copier

31 years ago today my first born child Jon Brady Copier was born.  I wanted to take the opportunity of using today’s gratitude post to thank him for being the wonderful son he is.

When I got married….. I was pretty anxious to start a family.  Though my doctor advised waiting a year before we started….. for some reason in my head I thought I needed to start right away since my husband was 10 years older than me and I was afraid of being ‘too old’ as parents if we didn’t start right away.  (Boy….. has that philosophy changed in the last 30 years!)  So…. other than waiting a few months for me to get back from a trip to South America…… we pretty much started trying right away.  Jon was born 2 1/2 weeks after his due date and only nine days after our first anniversary.  He inherited his name from his father.  The name John is one that has been passed down to generations.  My husband’s grandfathers name was Jan (pronounced ‘yawn’).  It’s the dutch spelling.  Since my husband changed his dutch spelling of Jan to John when he became an American citizen, we decided to get closer to the dutch spelling by taking out the ‘h’ and naming him Jon.  My husband middle initial is ‘A’, so in order to avoid confusion….. we used a ‘B’ to start his middle name.  We are hoping that someday he will carry on the name and add a middle initial of ‘C’.  The we will have our ABC’s!  <grin>

His birth was kind of a tough one.  I was in labor for 16 hours and they came close to doing a C-section on me but then he decided to start getting in gear and come out….. thank heavens!  He weighed 9lbs 1oz… yep…. a pretty big boy.  But how delighted we were to have a son!  He was a fuzzy ball of fur when he came out….. really!  He was covered in visible hair all across his body!  We jokingly said he had a uni-brow since the hair between his eyebrows was  so visible.  His back was all fuzzy with little soft hair.  For those of you that know him now….. I guess it was just a precursor to the ‘hairy beast’ he is now!  The boy is blessed with hair!  He can grow a full beard in mere days.  I’m sure that has to be annoying in a lot of ways…. However,  He’s also taken advantage of that and has boasted many facial hair styles.

Now let me get to praising the person he is…. not just his physical qualities!  Jon has always been a kind boy.  He was never afraid to try something new and very often found himself very good at several of them.  He does have a streak of competitiveness in him…. but knows how to keep his cool for the most part.  He loves to learn and loves to help others.  He has a lot of patience.  (He gets that from his Dad!)  He’s a very responsible person and tries very hard to meet all his obligations.  I love the fact that he has taken it upon himself to learn how to manage finances and is working very hard to get out of debt.  I truly believe he is the kind of person that would do anything for you.  He is gentle, kind and loving and I know that as we age as his parents, he will always be there to take care of us.  I look forward to him someday being a father himself.  He is so much like his own father that I have no doubt he will be a fabulous one.

Thanks, Jon… for being the person you are!  Thanks for being our son and for bringing joy into our lives!  All our love on this special day and wishes for the best future you could possibly hope for!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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