I know… I know…. another post on music…. but what can I say?  At least each post is directed to a specific kind!!  So…. the topic of remakes.  Now I’m talking music here…. not movies.  What’s the consensus?  Do we love them or hate them?  I have a feeling the answer to that for most of you is “It depends….”  Right?  That’s my answer!

I did a search on the internet to get a few ideas going in my head…. and I was amazed at how many songs that I thought were originals that are actually remakes!!  Pretty funny.  So again…. I think it depends on what era you grew up in as to which version you like best.  Now I have to say…. in some instances that I like both versions equally as well.  Let’s start with Micheal Buble’s version of “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?”.  I do pretty much like a lot of the Bee Gees stuff… (remember how old I am folks…) but I really do like Buble’s version.  I particularly love the fact that the familiar Bee Gees sound is added to the song!!  LOVE that part!  I remember the first time I heard his arrangement….. I just started giggling when I heard that and said” That is so cool!”  I kind of like it when they blend the two versions together.  The first person that ever did that that I was aware of was Natalie Cole.  I still love hearing she and her father Nat King Cole sing “Unforgettable” together!!  What a concept!

So how about a song like “Rhythm of the Rain”?  My husband will argue with me on this one!  He loves the original by the Cascades and hates the Dan Fogelberg arrangement.  Me?   I like them both….. but there is kind of something endearing about the original!  There are so many that we could name and discuss!  What I am grateful for is the fact that clever musicians can take a song that I’m familiar with and give it a new twist and still make me like it!  And in some cases even better!!  I like that they like music from my era enough to make it new for them and for me!   I’ve heard some pretty good stuff.  (Isn’t that what our parents said about their music???)  Here’s one for you…… Did you know that the song “The First Cut is the Deepest” was originally done by Cat Stevens…..not Sheryl Crow?  Funny thing is…. I grew up with Cat Stevens and I didn’t even know that!!  As I was searching for a picture to use with this post I ran across something that made me remember Glee!!  Now there is some serious remaking going on with that show!!  It’s all about keepin’ the music alive I guess!!

So what are your favorite remakes?  …..What ones do you really dislike?  Of course…. it’s all a matter of personal opinion!  That’s what makes life so interesting!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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