Is it kind of quirky to say that I’m grateful for youtube??  Someday I hope to have one of those youtube videos that make a ka-zillion dollars….. but for now…. I’ll just enjoy other people’s videos!  I’m sure there are plenty of useless things on youtube and some people may even consider some of what I like youtube for pretty useless!

I love it when people post old music on there.  I have a great time reminiscing….  Some of it even comes with really old footage that has really poor quality…. but it’s still fun to watch!   You know how you can pretty much Google anything and it will come up with something related for your search…..?  Very often it even links you to videos of your search topic.  Such was the case last night.

I love singing with my friends…. but I’ll save that topic for another day….!  We are trying to come up with a new ‘opener’ for our show and whenever we had an idea…. I just did a search on youtube and there it was!!  In some cases… several versions.  I’ll have to post my favorite version of the song I think we will be doing as our opener.  I wish we could do that arrangement….but it’s pretty hard for 3 women to come up with all the harmonies, etc… of about ten Acapella groups singing it!  Guess we’ll just have to settle for a basic arrangement!

I’ve searched for old songs I wanted to hear on youtube…. I’ve searched for uplifting videos with great messages and “how to” videos (even working on making a few of those….) and I’ve searched for some funny stuff too.  It’s pretty much all there.  Quite a world out there in cyberspace!  I know there are other places on the internet you can post videos, like Vimeo and TedTV and I’m sure many other up and coming ones….. but I’m pretty sure youtube is the most popular.  You can learn a lot there….. probably too much in some cases….. but isn’t that the truth with about anything on the internet?  You just have to use your discretion wisely!  Oh…. and your time wisely too!  It’s so easy to spend the day in cyberspace and forget there’s a real world out there!  Though youtube arguably has some bad points about it…. for the most part, for me at least, I find it enjoyable and in many ways helpful.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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