Good Teachers

Teachers can be such an influence on people.  We are all teachers in some aspect…. but today I want to thank the ones who lifted and inspired my spirit today.

One of the things I love about church is the fact that they give the teaching responsibility to so many different people.  It makes the learning experience more interesting.  While it’s true that some people are more gifted than others at teaching, we can always learn from everyone.  Even speaking in Sacrament meeting is an opportunity to teach.

Because today was Easter….. there  were some special messages given.  My favorite of the the day was the lesson we had in Relief Society.  I love this particular teacher.  She is always so well prepared but also has a real gift to teach.  My intention today was to leave about 20 minutes early so I could come home and get some things in the oven for a family dinner.  However…… because Kelly is such a good teacher I couldn’t make myself leave!  Even though her topic wasn’t exactly an Easter subject….  she tied it in wonderfully by bringing in a message of hope.  Among the many definitions of hope in the dictionary is: to feel that something desired may happen;  to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.  The message of hope is an important one….. particularly if you are facing difficult times or know someone who is.  We always hope for the best…. hope that things can change no matter how difficult it may seem.  Her other message was to never give up.  Never give up that hope for yourself or a loved one.  She tied it the Easter message by adding that our Savior knows and recognizes each of us and our situations.  That he took upon himself all our burdens and knows, more than we understand, how we feel.  He will never give up on us and we should never give up on ourselves.

Thank you, Kelly for the wonderful lesson today…… and thanks to the rest of today’s ‘teachers’ in the other meetings for being good teachers and adding to the spirit of the day!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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