Wireless Technology

Man are we a spoiled society!  I mean really.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago to me that the first in home computers were introduced and my husband brought home a Commodore 64!!  Oh how times have changed!  Now look where we are!

I was sitting here tonight working (ok…. playing too….)  on my wireless laptop computer listening to a live webinar when the power tried to go out a couple of times because of the storm.  While there were only a couple of quick serge’s……my internet didn’t glitch at all.  I was also in the middle of a few other things on my laptop that weren’t affected in the least.  Granted….. had the power gone off completely, I most likely would have lost my connection to the internet….. but I still would have had power to my laptop because of the battery.   I was lucky….  So…. on I went!

The convenience of having wireless internet really is nice.  If I’m working on something or in the middle of listening to a recorded book or motivational call…. I can just pick up my laptop and carry it into another room without missing a thing.  With Wi-Fi in so many public places now….. it makes working on your computer so easy.  I love that part when I travel….. sure makes blogging a little easier!  I can’t even imagine what it would have been like going to college with this technology!  You youngsters are so lucky!

And then there’s the i-pad and the i-phone (or any other smart phone or device that has internet capabilities).   I don’t even have to go there for a discussion….. it’s pretty obvious what the advantages are!  But, as with most things that are good….. there always seems to be some bad with it.  In the case of all of the above mentioned technology…. we can spend WAY too much time on it while we should be getting other things done.  Which is a problem with a lot of things in life.

I just down loaded a program called ‘Focus Booster’ to my computer today.  It’s basically a ‘timer’ set at 25 min. intervals and will go off when you’ve used up the time and then give you an extra 5 min. to finish up what you’re working on.   I think keeping tabs on myself every 30 min on the computer will help me to be more productive in other areas!

My world is a breeze with wireless technology, as I’m sure yours is! What other things do you have that are wireless that make your life easier?

I’m Grateful!  How are you?


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