I don’t think this post will appeal much to men….. at least not most men….. <grin> … but if they are honest, they will admit that their woman looks MUCH better when she is wearing makeup!  Now….that is not meant to be offensive to those of you beautiful women who choose not to wear makeup!  I’ve seen plenty of beautiful women who really don’t need it!  Unfortunately…. I’m not one of them!!

I’ve always thought that my eyes were one of my best assets…. but only when they have makeup on!  They look pretty sad without it!  Now I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore.  It’s a very rare, and I mean RARE occasion that I use eyeshadow.  My eye makeup these days pretty much consists of eyeliner and mascara….. several coats of mascara I might add…. cause I like my eyelashes to show up topped off with an eyelash curler.  But what a difference just those two things make!  Sometimes I wear eyeshadow…. for instance….. depending on the kind of show it is and what kind of character I am, I will wear eyeshadow for stage or as I mentioned…. rarely for special occasions.  Speaking of which…. can’t forget stage makeup and makeup for Halloween!  How much fun is that!!

Of course my favorite way to start off my makeup is with my Bare Minerals base and blush.  Love that stuff!  I love how it naturally covers my skin without looking heavy and helps to make my skin look even in color.  Good stuff.  Then of course, the eyes as mentioned about.   The last thing is lipstick.

My Grandma Tzeitel look for Fiddler on the Roof at Hale Theater. Thank Heavens I don't look that way everyday!

I’ve never forgotten what my Dad said to me years ago when I was younger.  I was getting ready to go somewhere, a date I think…. and I came out with out lipstick on and he told me I looked wonderful but that I needed to go put a little lipstick on.  Lipstick, he said, was like the crowning jewel on a woman’s face.  It just sets it off nicely.  Wow!  How many Father’s tell their daughters that!  I’ve never forgotten it and have always tried to make sure I ‘crown’ off my face with lipstick before I leave!

Have you ever noticed how much difference makeup will make when you see a makeover done on TV?  Of course…. the only thing that really bothers me with those is that the ‘before’ pictures are always of them without ANY makeup at all on!  Of course that creates more of a dramatic transformation…. but I would really like to see an honest ‘before’ picture taken showing what her makeup was like with her doing it herself compared to what they do.  I’m pretty sure you’d still see a difference!   Anyway…. my point with that is that makeup does make a difference for most women….. and even men!  You know….. when it’s used to make them look better on camera!!  I’m grateful that makeup is there to make me feel better about myself and that I’ve reached the point that I don’t fuss so much about it that I can be done putting it on in about 10 minutes.  It make passing by a mirror much more pleasant!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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