Stimulating Conversation

Have you ever been in a discussion with someone where you’ve tried to look at a certain issue from more than one view point?  Not in an argument…. just discussing different ideas of a topic or a question.  The kind of conversation where your mind gets to working and wondering about things differently than you had looked at them before.  Today was such a day with a discussion with my husband.

I love that man.  He is so level headed.  He always tries to look at things from another persons perspective.  He used to get teased in our old Ward by a friend who used to call the ‘ward heretic’!  When ever they would be in a discussion about something in a Priesthood meeting….. he would always make a comment that was different from what other people were saying.  Not that he necessarily agreed with it so much as to make a point that perhaps other people look at it differently than we do.  He actually still does that today.  I truly don’t believe he does it to be the devil’s advocate…. he just likes to look at all sides and make other people think about it in more than one way.

Today our conversation actually got started because of a ‘discussion’ my son had started on Facebook.  We read all the comments that people had posted in his discussion and had made some observations about it and then began our own discussion about the question our son had posted.  My husband, being the reader he is…. pulled up some stuff on the internet from a guy named Lawrence Kohlberg.  Kohlberg was a Jewish American Psychologist best known for his theory of Stages of Moral Development.  My husband had learned about him while he was getting his Masters degree.   He wanted to quote some of the things Kohlberg had said that he felt were relevant to the conversation we were having…… which of course stimulated more conversation.

My husband and I spend a lot of time together because he is retired and we now just run a small business out of our home….  but we don’t always have those kinds of conversations….. at least not on a daily basis.  Usually we are doing other things that don’t necessarily call for a discussion on a heavy topic.  But, when we do…..  I enjoy talking to him because he makes me think in ways I don’t usually think.  I’ve seen my kids come over and have intellectual conversations with him too.   Oh, yes….. he and the boys have their conversations about sports….. but they’ve had plenty of times when the topic was not sports.  I think all of my children would agree that they enjoy talking to their Dad.  He really is a master at stimulating conversation….. when he’s given the chance!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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