Done with the Move!

My feet are screaming at me!  And so are my legs!  For someone who spends several hours a day working at her computer with her feet up in a easy chair……. the last two days have been a real shocker to my body!  But we are finally done!!

As I mentioned yesterday…… moving is never fun!  Being the last day of the month…. we had to get her out.  Even though the rental agency said that the new renters wouldn’t be moving in till the weekend and we could take more time if we needed it….. we still decided to get it done today.

It’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate.  And we never seem to realize it till it’s time to pack it up and move!  My daughter has a lot of stuff.  Well….. relatively speaking that is….  If you were to compare what it would take to move my household to hers… I would win…. hands down!  But regardless,  it was still a lot of stuff to move!  And even though most of it was put into a storage unit for a while….. at least I know I’m done for now.  The next ‘move’ will only be from the storage unit straight into the moving van.  It’s all boxed up….. and we won’t have a whole house to clean on top of it either!

I’m grateful to be done….. to be sitting here in bed trying to get my legs and feet to stop aching!  And because I’m exhausted… I’m making this one short!   Just wait for episode two when we travel across state lines to complete the move!  I don’t think I’ll be quite as tired for that one though.  For one thing….. we’ll be moving things ‘in’ a house and have a place to sit when you need break!  Moving ‘out’ of the house makes it much more difficult to sit and relax for a minute when all the furniture is disappearing!   The only thing that would be better than being in bed right now would be an nice soak in the hot tub!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Being Needed

Every person on this planet has a need to be needed.  It’s a process of life.  It’s part of being human.  A baby needs it’s mother or a care taker to handle it’s needs.   They are too small and helpless to do it on their own.  Even as a child grows they need the love and nurturing from a loving family.  Especially in their early years.

Creating a loving relationship with someone requires give and take on both sides.  I’ve heard the term “He/She’s needy!” before.  For me personally, when I hear that, it seems like most of the time what they are really saying is: ‘He/She’s demanding’.   Being needed is a two way street.  As a said before… we all need each other.  Perhaps some would argue that what I really mean is to be wanted.   I looked up the definition of ‘want’ in the dictionary….. I found it interesting that the word want and need were used synonymously in the definition.  So many times we have such a different definition for each word in our minds that we don’t look at them as being synonymous.  But in so many ways they are!

Today I was needed (and wanted if you want to define them as being different.)  My daughter is old enough to move herself….  She’s perfectly capable of doing it on her own.  The point is….. she didn’t… nor did she want to!  Because, in reality….. though you can do many things on your own when it comes to a move….. it’s rather hard to do it all without some help.  Therein lies the need today!  And I believe along with it, a sincere want for us there.  Moving can be stressful.  OK….. moving IS stressful.   Some of us handle it better than others….. but it is none the less, stressful!  Hence….. she needed her Mom today….. !!  Oh yeah….. and her Dad! (after all…. he’s the one with the real muscles…. and the drill!)  I don’t think a Mother ever stops wanting to be needed by her children! Particularly when they are all grown up and don’t seem to need much from you anymore!

I was grateful to feel needed today.  Even though I’m exhausted!  It’s great to be needed when I can get it!  All you young mother’s out there probably think I’m crazy for saying that….. but believe me….. they WILL grow up…. and quickly!  And you’ll wonder where the time went and look forward to times when they need you again!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


I love to sing harmony!  There’s just something about making music with harmonic tones that makes me happy.  Though I enjoy singing an occasional solo…. I love sing harmony.

I have a fairly wide range.  I can sing relatively high and sing very low for a woman.  Today in church I sang all 4 parts of a hymn we san!    Since there was 4 verses….. I just started the first verse on soprano and made my way down to the bass part on the last verse.  Though the lowest bass notes in the hymn we almost out of my range….. I hit them.   Not with a lot of volume….. but I did!

The Classics Quartet From Top to Bottom: Eulala Buttars, Ann Schow, Jen Bangerter, Thelma Robinson

I grew up around harmony.  My mother sang all the time and she was also a member of the Sweet Adeline’s.  Yep…. I grew up with a lot of Barbershop music around my house!  Not only was she in the Sweet Adeline chorus, she was also in a quartet called “The Classics”.  They were very good if you don’t mind me saying so.  They won a lot of Regional competitions which meant she was on the road a lot around competition time.  I think being around that harmony so much when I was little made me really appreciate it and perhaps added to my capability to be able to harmonize so well.

I have been sining with my friends from college since….. well, since college!  That’s just a couple of years in case you were wondering!  We used to sing a lot.  Unfortunately the gigs are few and far between anymore.  There’s several reasons for that, but one of them is it’s much harder to commit to that as you have more and more family commitments.  One of the other big reasons is we just don’t market ourselves!  Which is a shame with the ease of being able to do that on the internet and all.  But what I love about singing with these gals is that we usually learn all our songs by rote.  Which means we have no sheet music and just learn the parts from listening.  We have learned the music that way for years!   We are pretty much a ‘cover’ group, so we just listen to the original and learn it that way.  That’s probably another reason why I’m good at singing harmonies…… I’ve had to ‘pick’ them out from listening!  But its fun.  And if I do say so myself.  We are good.  We’ve been singing together for so long that many times we sound like one voice and our harmonies are tight.  I also enjoy singing with my very talented family.

I’ve never understood, or should I say I can’t relate to someone who says they can’t hear the harmony in music and can only sing melody.  That just floors me!  But then again….. I’m sure there are things that I don’t hear or see or understand that come easily to other people and they don’t understand why I struggle!   It’s all a matter of what talents we are blessed with!

I’m grateful for the reminder today of how much I love to sing harmony.  It also makes me realize that I don’t sing enough!  I need to do something about that!  Hmmmmm

I am Grateful!  How are you?

A Hasty Heart

How many times are we quick to judge another person?  Way too often I fear.  I know I do it myself.  I tend to make judgements based on appearances and such….but we can never really  know a person’s heart without getting to know them.

Tonight I saw the show called  The Hasty Heart at Hale Theater.  Here’s Hale’s short description of the show:   ‘It’s World War II… injured soldiers are recovering in an Allied hospital…all is delightful until a cantankerous Scotsman is admitted. Everyone – including the saintly nurse – tries to cajole him. Nothing works…until they learn his secret.’   His secret happens to be that he is dying and doesn’t know it.  He wants to get back to his regimen.  The other patients are told of his condition and asked if they would help to make his last little while as pleasant as it can be.  But…. he is an bitter and ornery man and they have a difficult time even liking him.   Eventually, they win him over and he suddenly becomes a very talkative and friendly person.   In fact, even endearing.  But then he is told the truth by the Doctor about his condition because of army orders.  The Army feels he has a right to know so that he can make decisions accordingly.  He has no family or friends back in Scotland but suddenly feels betrayed by those around him in the hospital.  He feels as though it was a pity party on him at his expense, and he is once again bitter towards them.   Though it may have started as one, it didn’t end there, but he is too prideful to see it any other way.

Here’s the lesson of the hasty heart…… though a person can live his life with much bitterness because of his circumstances and closes his heart and life to anyone around him because he has no trust in the world….. a heart can change.    Sometimes people that we judge quickly turn out to be very different than what we first thought.  It may take time….. it may take a shift in our paradigm of the situation…. but it can happen.  We can never really know and understand another persons heart without opening our own to them.  Understanding and speaking from the heart and not the head is what truly makes us connect with one another.

I am grateful for the reminder tonight that in hastily judging another person, I may be missing out on knowing a truly wonderful spirit.  And in the interim of allowing myself to get to know that person, it could be a shift in our thinking. Making tussee the world through different eyes than we had before.  We all need one another.  No one can be a loner and truly experience happiness.

Kudos to the cast for doing such a wonderful job telling a poignant and funny story.  Thanks for yet again another fabulous theater experience!

Who have you made a hasty judgement on that perhaps deserves another chance?

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Facebook to the Rescue!

If you’re on Facebook….. there’s a good chance you’ve made some kind of a comment on there at one time or another asking for help.  Wether you are trying to locate someone or something or get an opinion on something…. or even someone!  Or any other kind of question asking for help.  We all do it.  I’ve done it.  But the best part about it is the fact that you get answers!!

Today was such a day for my daughter.  The lease is up on the condo that she has been renting and since she wants to move to a warmer climate…… she chose not to renew the lease.   Of course, with that comes the chore of moving!!  Sometimes finding boxes for such a move is a real pain!  When you are moving across town….  you don’t always worry too much about packing things tightly or correctly as you do if you are moving hundreds of miles away.    So far, most of the moves in our family have just been to another part of town.  But not this time.  It’s going to be a good day’s drive to get her there.  None of this making 90 trips back and forth between the two places and just making do with blankets wrapped around something in the back seat of your car for a 20 minute drive across town.  Nope….. gotta do it right this time.

So, my daughter put a plea out on FB asking for boxes.  She got a response from a friend who’s boyfriend is in the moving business and was willing to sell us some boxes very cheap.  In comparison to what U-Haul or another similar place would have charged us for the same thing….. we got a screamin’ deal.  Granted….. we probably could have found boxes for free somewhere, one from here and one from there…..but who knows how long it would have taken us to collect them?  This guy also had ‘specialty’ boxes, like wardrobe boxes and heavy duty boxes to pack your dinnerware and glassware in.  So, while we spent some money….. we saved time and got the size and kind of boxes we needed.  And all because of Facebook!

That’s one of the things I love about Social media…. the quick response you get.  (At least from your friends that are on there often.)  I can’t believe that a woman my age has gotten so much joy out of being on Facebook!  It’s kind of crazy…. but it’s been so much fun to reconnect and stay in touch with friends.  Even if it’s only for a snippet of a moment.  It’s another way to make use of the great concept of people helping people.  Helping in a myriad of ways.

I’m grateful for Facebook coming to the rescue of my daughter today by giving her a format to get the word out for her need…. and I’m especially  grateful to her friend for the response!  But now comes the not so fun part!!!  Packing!

What kinds of thing have you needed help with that a friend on Facebook has come to the rescue with?

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Healthy Eating

Tonight I learned a lot.  I have tried the last year or so to become more aware and better about eating healthy.  Though I don’t always succeed and I seem to have some times when I give in to all that sugar and other stuff that’s bad for me…..  I still try to make steps toward moving to a healthier lifestyle.  I think it’s a process that takes time and determination.

It’s funny how when you decide to move in a certain direction that certain people will come into your life that can help you in that path.  I’ve had several of those within the last year.  So many of them come in my pathway in a totally unexpected way!

I learned about the Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn Openshaw) from a friend of mine who started working for Blendtec.  He had put together a website to refer his customers to that had a couple of recommendations for people, one of which was the Green Smoothie Girl.  Since discovering her through his suggestion, I have been receiving her newsletter and occasionally reading her blog.  Her story of how she became the Green Smoothie Girl is rather interesting.  I got to hear it in person tonight as I attended a class she gave here in the Salt Lake area.  She understands the difficulty in eating correctly firsthand, but was driven to it because of some health issues in her family.  If you want to read her whole story, check out her website:

Tonight in her class she talked about how the standard American diet has declined to such an unhealthy eating level over the last several decades that we are now in a downward spiral in creating unhealthy lifestyles in future generations.  Her goal is to try and educate people on the importance of eating whole raw foods.  Her hope is to reach young Mothers and their families.  She feels that by educating them on the importance of eating right, and getting their families to make that switch that it will save future generations from dying at a younger and younger age because of disease.  I believe she’s right.

There are a lot of changes I need to make in my eating habits to be getting the kind of nutrition that Robyn spoke about tonight.  I’m going to start by consuming a green smoothie everyday.  We got to sample her recipe tonight at her class.  I’ll be honest and say that for me, it wasn’t the best tasting smoothie I’ve ever had…. but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever tasted either.  It’s actually very palatable, just not a taste I’m used to.  I have a feeling that by incorporating it into my daily diet that I will acquire a taste for it in no time.   Besides….. several people claim it has helped them loose weight!!  I did like her philosophy that consuming green smoothies is not really a diet,  it’s a life style of eating healthy.  We don’t have to deprive ourselves of every little thing, but we should be eating healthy 95% of the time.

While hanging around after the class in the hopes of getting a chance to chat with Robyn, my husband and I meet a very cute couple.  John was the guinea pig Robyn picked to come to the front of the class room and ‘eat‘ the green ingredients that are in a smoothie.  She was trying to demonstrate how hard it would be to eat all of that in one sitting and how much longer it would take to consume them in that way.  Well….. John ate ALL of it.  And it was a LOT!!  It took him a while…..but he did it!  Not anyone in that room expected him to finish it, including Robyn….. but he did!  Because he had done that, this couple had struck up a conversation with him after the class.  While talking to them, I found out that she has a pretty well known blog about healthy eating.  (See what I mean about people being put in your pathway? )  Tonight I came home and looked it up on the internet.  Her name is Tammie Nelson, and she too has an interesting story about how she came into a healthier lifestyle.  Her blog is full of recipes that she has ‘healthified’, as she calls it.  As she says in her blog; “I take fun, comforting, very unhealthy Standard American versions and I make them well Healthy!”  I think I’ll be subscribing to another blog!  You can check her out at:

I’m grateful that I had a fun night of learning.  A night of meeting inspiring people that make me want to better my life!  Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

Have you ever tried a Green Smoothie?  If so, what did you think of it?

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Kids say the DARNDEST things!

I LOVE little kids!!  They are so candid, aren’t they?  Sometimes it’s hard not to giggle right in their cute little faces.  I mean….. they say funny things that they don’t know are funny….. and when you laugh at them….. don’t they feel like they are being ridiculed?

I am so grateful for my Facebook friends sharing the cute comments their kids make on FB.  They literally make my day!  How I wish I would have had some way to so quickly and easily record that moment for posterity!   And I don’t mean by video or picture, because we NEVER know when they are going to say something delightful….. but just to have your computer (or in the case of these younger kids most likely a smart phone….) handy to quickly jot down what they said!  What a blessing!  And thanks for sharing them with me!  Since I don’t have any grandkids of my own yet….. I especially enjoy those posts!

Here a just a few of the funny things my FB friends have posted that their children have said.  Though some of the names of the children are mentioned…. I’ve made no link to the parent here.  Not that I think they would mind…… but I thought I better be safe!

Tonight Ashlee said ” I wish I had a money tree, gum tree, and a clean underwear tree”

Izzy: Mom. What does the yellow stop light mean?     Me: Slow down.      Izzy: Annnnnd you just sped up.      Me: …………

Bellie, “I wonder what my destiny will be today?”

So Curt took Bellie to Walmart with him tonight. The whole time she kept collecting “clues” from off the floor and made Curt put them in his pocket. At the end of the trip she took them all out, satred at them for a while, and said with a very serious face, “the mystery is…..people are dropping trash.”

I do good things and bad things, so I think, when I die, Jesus and the devil will be confused.”

See what I mean?  Come on…. admit it!  They made you laugh!  Do you remember the Art Linkletter show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things!”   … Yeah…. I know, that was a LONG time ago….. but kids were funny back then to!  That’s what makes being around children so delightful!  They are just pure and spontaneous!  It’s a shame we lose that as we age!   Click here to see a Youtube link of some great moments from that good old show!

Thanks for sharing guys and keep those posts coming….. the really make my day!  What are some of the funny things a child in your life has said?

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Green, Green, Green!

Ahhh…… Green seems to be one of my favorite colors.  Just look in my closet and you’ll see that!  But today…. the green I love is in nature!  Even though the weather hasn’t felt very Spring like lately….. it has finally warmed up to the point that every thing is finally starting to turn green!

As my husband and I headed out for our walk this morning…. I looked up at the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and noticed a green blanket covering them.  Out to the South on South Mountain an all the way north as far as I could see…..  a nice green blanket topped off with snow.  Along the river trail everything is green too.  Granted….. some of that greenery is noxious weeds…… but it’s still all green!!  It was just a lovely fresh feeling to see all the green today.  

I love what Spring represents!  A new life, a new beginning, and a fresh start!  I’m sure you’ve heard the comparison of the Seasons to certain phases of our life.  And it seems to make sense, allegorically speaking of course.  I know making a fresh start is pretty much what I do every Spring!  Besides saying I’m setting a New Year’s Resolution in December to exercise….. which doesn’t last long…..  Spring is always a chance to renew that resolution because I prefer the outdoor exercise anyway!

Today I’m grateful for Spring Green!  And grateful for a day to enjoy good enough weather to get my walk in!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Our Pets

For those of you that have children or nieces and nephews or any relationship with a child that you love, you know what it’s like when they do something clever or silly or heartwarming!  It just makes you giggle or feel really good inside, right?

So my question is…. how many of you have had that same feeling for a pet?  Animal lovers will know and understand what I mean.  Our pets mean a lot to us, and though humans may be considered as the supreme intelligence….. believe me…. animals are smart!  They each have their own little personalities just as each of us do.  Sometimes I think you really can communicate with them!  I know, people will argue that it’s a learned response from them….. but sometimes I wonder!

I swear our cute little Scooter knows exactly what we are talking about sometimes.  While he does respond to certain words….  I still think he understands us more than we think.  I just wish I could always understand him!

Here’s an example.  My neighbor that live behind us is temporarily tending her son’s dog.  She is a Border Collie mix of some kind and goes by the name of Raven.  We haven’t got fences between our yards and the neighbor’s house is up a little higher on a ridge, so Scooter can see out the back door when Raven is out and about.  He makes such a fuss when he sees her!  It’s just like having a little kid start whining and saying “Please Mommy!  I want to go play with Raven….. Please!  Why can’t I go play with Raven!  Mommy…. I want to go outside and play with Raven!  etc. etc”  Literally….. it’s just like that!   And…. just like you do with your own children, sometimes he gets his way!   Other times I wish I knew what he was trying to tell me!  I don’t always know.  It’s usually a cry for some kind of attention, but not always.

Our pets personalities are so varied and fun.  I was very humored the other day when Raven was out in the yard and was trying to get a rock up the hill.  As I mentioned, the neighbor’s house is up on a ridge above us.  The neighbor was out working in the yard and had some large rocks that she was putting in a rock garden.  One had rolled down the hill….. now whether Raven did that or not I don’t  know…. but she was down there trying to get that rock to move up the hill and making a big fuss to try and get my neighbor to come down and help her get it up.  Of course, the noise she was making alerted Scooter she was out and he wanted to go…. so I let him.  However….. Raven was so determined to get that rock back up the hill that she paid no attention to Scooter.  She was not about to get distracted from her work!  She is a Working Dog breed after all!  But it just struck me so funny that she wanted to please her master so much by being helpful and yet couldn’t quite do it on her own.  Of course, my neighbor finally came down the hill and brought the rock back up.  Raven is quite the character.

We love our pets because of their personalities.  Though sometimes some of those traits may not appeal to others…… we love them just like a Mother loves her child.  Even when they misbehave, we still love them!

I’m grateful to have Scooter be a part of our lives.  I’m grateful for my ‘grand puppies’ too!  Now there’s another personality thing I could get into….but I won’t today!  What personality quirks does your pet have that are endearing to you?

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Mother Eve

What a wonderful lesson we had in Relief Society today!  It was truly inspiring and made me want to study and learn more about Eve….  the Mother of all Living!

The lesson today was based on the talk given by Quentin L. Cook in this last session of LDS General Conference titled: LDS Women Are Incredible!  Since I just blogged about being grateful for being a Woman….. I won’t go into too much detail about the talk itself….but rather the things taught in the lesson.  Our teacher felt inspired to refer to a couple of books she had read by Beverly Campbell titled:  EVE and the Choice Made in Eden and EVE and the Mortal Journey: Finding Wholeness, Happiness and Strength.

As we discussed Eve and her decision to ‘partake’ or give into temptation…. these books helped us to realize that Eve knew what she was doing.  She understood that unless she partook of the Tree of Life that she and Adam would not be able to fulfill the first commandment given to them….. to multiply and replenish the Earth.  It was with that knowledge that she knowingly made the choice to give into ‘temptation’.  She could see the ‘bigger plan’.  What I found really interesting about this was the additional knowledge of the fact that it was actually Satan who got ‘duped’!   Though he was not aware that that was happening.  He thought he was really tempting her to do something that would mess this whole thing up, when in reality…… he was part of the plan to bring it all about!   Another interesting thought with this was that because it DID happen that way….. Satan really has it in for women!!

I’ve known and understood a lot of what I just mentioned for a long time…… but to see and understand that incident in the Garden is the reason why Satan might ‘hate’ women….. had never crossed my mind!  Satan knows and understands how strong and influential women are and does all he can to thwart the plan still today!  As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago……. Women struggle daily with Self – Esteem and now I think I understand better why!  It is totally one of Satan’s tools to bring us down and get discouraged and feel that we aren’t worth much.  We are always harder on ourselves than anyone else is!  Oh that cunning one!  Hence the reason that we continually need to hear talks and reminders about how wonderful we are as women!!

I’m grateful that that little ‘ah-hah’ moment was brought to light for me today!  I’m grateful that I have the desire to study these books to gain a greater understanding of Mother Eve and the Divine destiny of Women!  Thanks for such a wonderful lesson today Kelly!

I am Grateful!  How are you?