The Garrett Family

Some families are blessed in many ways.  Such is the case for the Vern and Nanette Garrett family.  Pretty awesome people and I’m very grateful that I know them!

Tonight I had the opportunity of sitting in on a ‘pre-tour’ fireside of The Garrett Family.  To say that this family is extremely musically talented would be an understatement!  Though they come by it naturally….. meaning they genetically inherited the physical attributes of being fine singers from their parents…..  they still have worked hard at their musical capabilities.   Not only do they all sing…. but most of them play an instrument too!  Of course to top all of that off….. they are a very spiritual family as well and very capable speakers.

The Garretts are about to embark on a 2 week tour of Europe.  This is not a tour that will consist of site seeing.  They may be lucky enough to fit in a very small amount of that…..  but probably not much.   This is a tour of taking their testimonies through music and spoken word to the Saints in Europe.  No sponsors here ….  but just out of their own pocket.  They felt that they should spread their testimonies to Europe.  Quite and expense but hopefully quite an adventure!

I really could go on for days about what great people they are!  They have spent the last several years in providing an opportunity for children from orphanages in the Ukraine to be able to come and visit here in Utah.  I’m guessing on the number here….but about 12 years ago, they made a trip to the Ukraine because they had made a decision to add another child to their already large family and give an orphan from the Ukraine a better life by adopting them into their family.  This event started a chain of events happening (that I won’t go into here…) that resulted in them organizing their foundation called “Save A Child”.   They spend countless hours making arrangements and trying to raise the funds to bring about 25 orphans over here every couple of years.  Though they are not an adoption agency, the families that end up hosting these kids for that 2 weeks usually fall madly in love with them and end up wanting to adopt them.  Several families over these last 10 years or so have done exactly that.  Now bear in mind….. these children that they bring over are not the young ones that have more of a chance of getting adopted …. these are the kids who have pretty much grown up in the orphanage and are probably at least 10 yrs and older.  You know… the ‘harder to place’ age.  The ones who within 5 or 6 years would end up out on the streets if they don’t find a home.  Nonetheless…. they make their way into the hearts of these families that host and very often are ending up here as permanent members of their families.

Like I said…. an amazing family, the Garretts!  I’m so grateful for the influence they have had on my life in so many ways.  Ways I haven’t even touched on!   May God bless them as they start this new journey and adventure!  May they touch the hearts of many with their beautiful spirits and music!  And may they be protected and blessed!  Bon Voyage!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


2 Replies to “The Garrett Family”

  1. The Garrett’s are fabulous folk and FYI they brought FORTY FIVE orphans last fall and have been doing it each and every fall since 2006. Our son Alex is a result of the SAC Foundation. (We hosted him in 2008 and adopted him spring of 2009) Last month the 100th orphan was adopted because of the SAC Foundation and their efforts. Since then I think there have been five more and more leaving next month!
    Love you gratitude blog but had to comment today as you touched on a subject very near and dear to my heart….The Garrett’s!

  2. Thanks, Wendy! I knew someone that knew the correct numbers would straighten me out! Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading my blog! Sometimes you never know if anyone is following! Especially when they do it silently! At least FB brings several ‘silent’ followers to it! Thanks again!

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