I like feeling young.  I do my best at my age to help that process along!  There are several things I do to promote it, but one of my favorites is to listen to 94.1!!  Shades of my youth!

94.1 specializes in 60’s and 70’s music.  OK…. I’m giving away my age here….. but that’s pretty much the music I grew up on!  My older brother always had the 60’s stuff going when I was small…. and then that grew to be my music in Jr. High and the 70’s lead me to my High School and College years.  LOVE that music!  I can think of several songs from that era that just make me happy!

I’m sure you can all relate to hearing a certain song on the radio and having memories flood into your mind of a particular thing that happened that the song reminds you of.  A theme from a dance, a song that meant a lot because of someone special…..  you get the picture!  Then there are those songs that you just loved to sing or ‘groove’ to!  Driving home in my car last night one of my all time favorite songs came on….  “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday!” by Spiral Staircase.  Back in those days….. unless you bought the 45…. you only got to listen to that stuff when it came on the radio!  Now things are so easily accessible in other ways!!  iTunes, YouTube….. etc….. etc….  It’s so awesome to listen to it anytime you want!  Which brings up another topic to blog on….. better write that down!

I used to just wait for that song to come on the radio cause I loved it so much!  The funny thing is…. the words to the song are still so applicable today!  It amazes me how you can love someone so much and then as the years go by…. you love them more than you ever thought you could!  Yes, Honey!  That means you!  And my kids too!

Many other songs and groups from the 60’s and 70’s make me happy.  It would take me all day to list them!  That’s not to say that I don’t like music from the 80’s and 90’s, etc….. cause I do!  I performed with a band all through those years so that’s the music we sang…. and I love it too!  There’s just something special about the music you listened to in your teen years.  Those of you with teen age girls right now have to realize that your daughters will feel the same way about Justin Bieber when they get older!  Nice thought….huh?  (Come on….. you had a teen idol that you were in love with back then too….. give them a break!)

Thanks 94.1 for making my days delightful as I drive!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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