Practicing Patience

Patience….. a virtue that I need to develop better.  Just ask my husband….. I don’t seem to be a very patient person.

Like today for instance.  You know how it is when you get on the freeway and you seem to find people that frustrate you?  I’m sure I’M never one of them  <grin>…..  Today I made a trip out to Bountiful and back.  On the way to and from, I had people in front of me that were giving me the opportunity to learn patience… or not.  I seem to let it bother me a lot when I’m in the ‘fast’ lane and someone is ahead of me that’s not moving quite as fast as…… well….. let’s just say quite as fast as I would like and they don’t pull into the other lane.   Unfortunately… I have a tendency to drive about 10 miles over the speed limit when I’m on the freeway.  OK, OK!!  Chastise me!  I deserve it!  But I guess you could kind of, in a sense, equate it to ‘living life in the fast lane”….. By that I mean that we always seem to be in a hurry…. no matter what….. even if we are on time.  For some reason,  I just think I need to be moving fast….. at least when I’m in a car.  But people who are always on the move, moving quickly…. usually don’t have the patience to slow down, for whatever reason.  That’s kind of the lesson that hit me today while I was driving.  I realized that I had absolutely NO time restraints on me.  I didn’t need to get to my Mom’s by a certain time and I didn’t need to get home at a certain time….. I just seemed to be in a hurry!

My husband is one of the most patient people I know.  It’s a good thing….. he’s married to me!!  He usually drives when we go places together and he is MUCH more patient than I am on the road.  For some reason, I seem to think that I should stay in the faster lanes till about 1/2 mile before my exit and then move over…… and I hate to have to slow down to move in behind a slow car to do it.  So…..if there’s room… I will try to get ahead of them before I pull in the right lane.  Wow!  Am I revealing all my bad side or what!  The funny thing is….. I don’t consider myself to be a reckless driver.  I really think I’m pretty cautious.  I just like to move fairly fast!  But as I hear myself describe what I do when I drive….  I sound like I’m a terrible driver!  Perhaps the kind that frustrate people!!!  Yikes!

Maybe the purpose for this blog was to really look at myself as a driver.  To make me realize that I’m not the only driver on the road…. though I never felt like I thought that…..!  I did have a little bit of an awakening today as I was driving and realized that it’s just really not that important for me to be the one in the lead.  It’s OK to have to slow down a little before you actually get to the exit.  These are all ways to practice my patience.

I believe we can find lots of things in our daily life that give us the opportunity to practice patience.  Not just on the road… but in all aspects of our life.  Perhaps my Creator is trying to tell me something by recognizing this weakness in my driving.  It’s time to slow down.  Perhaps to stop and smell the roses?  Not to always be in a hurry.  Though I’m pretty sure that I will still want to get ahead of someone who is not at least driving the speed limit!  But I will try to be better at practicing patience!

“Patience is passion tamed.” —
Lyman Abbott

It’s time for me to tame my passion!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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