Kind Clerks

Which line would you rather be in?  The one with the friendly kind clerk, or the one with the clerk that seems to be having a bad day and wants to take it out on everyone in line!  That’s a no brainer!

Honestly…. I don’t think I’ve had many of the second kind…. not to the point of ‘taking it out’ on me….. but I HAVE had clerks that were obviously not in a good mood and weren’t very friendly!  I’m grateful for the cheerful, helpful ones!  The ones who will even ‘extend’ a coupon that expired yesterday.  That was the clerk at Kohl’s tonight.  He was very pleasant and kind to me.  The funny thing is….I didn’t even notice that he kind of just threw my items in the bag.  Of course…. the golf shirt was already folded and he left the other shirt on the hanger, so it wasn’t too bad anyway…. but I really didn’t notice what he had done till I got home.  Contrast that with my experience at Ross yesterday.  Not that the clerk was unkind…  just not very sociable and I just watched her remove the ‘ink’ tags from my items and then kind of wad them up and throw them in the bag!  Now THAT annoyed me!  I went out to the car and took everything out of the bag and folded them nicely before I put them back in so they wouldn’t be a wrinkled wad when I got home.  Now I realize that this step takes a few extra seconds of the clerks time….  but it’s not like there were 20 people waiting in line!  There may have been 1 or 2 at the time…. but regardless…. my feeling is we are paying good money for those clothes (discount store or not!!) and they should be treated better so that when we get them home we don’t have to pull the iron out before we can wear them!  (Practice patience, Wanda…. practice patience!)  It’s called good customer service.

I know that we all have hard days and sometimes it’s much harder to remain in a good mood…. but it seems to me that the day would go smoother and much more pleasant if we kept our attitude positive and remained pleasant with those we worked with.  Now this goes for us as shoppers too!  I’ve certainly seen enough bent out of shape customers that decided to ‘take it out’ on the clerk!  Unfortunately, getting angry doesn’t usually solve the problem any faster…. and it makes the people around the area VERY uncomfortable! At least it does me!

So thank you to the kind clerk at the Draper Kohl’s tonight!  And thanks to all you other clerks, or servers, or any position that deals with the public…. Thanks to you for trying to remain pleasant and helpful!  Now lets all be kind shoppers for them in return!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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