Soaking up Vitamin D

What a gorgeous day it was today!  For those of you that live in this area…. it was the weather we have been waiting for for weeks!!  The Sun was out in full force today and the temperature was very pleasant.

Today I was lucky enough to have a few minutes to go out and ‘soak up’ some of those glorious rays!  Not like I was sunbathing…..  not quite warm enough for that yet and the pool at our club house doesn’t open till next week.   I was able to just sit out on my back deck and enjoy it.  I wore a short sleeve scoop neck shirt and pulled up the pant legs of my jeans and just sat in my patio chair.  It felt so good I fell asleep for a while!  I really don’t think I was out there more than 30 min if even that…. probably more like 20, but tonight I have a nice red neck and a start of a tan on my arms!  Yeah!  I’m so excited to get some color back in my skin and get some Vitamin D in my body!  Did you know that increasing your Vitaman D can help improve your feeling of overall well being?

The last couple of summers I’ve had time to work on getting a tan, so I hope that will be the same this year.  (There’s that vanity thing showing again!)  For those of you that care…. I have found the very best tanning oil to be Coconut Oil.  Real, live Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  Nothing else.  And for those of you worried that I’m not using Sunscreen… besides the fact that there is some controversy on that topic….  I discovered through researching Coconut Oil (which I often use in my cooking) , that the Polynesian people always use coconut oil to protect their skin and hair from the ‘blistering sun and chafing of the ocean breeze’  If it works for them…. it’s good enough for me!  And it helps me to tan nicely!

With my Vitamin D fix for the day….. I’m happy and ready to conquer another day!  Hopefully the days will remain pleasantly warm for a while!  I prefer temps in the 70’s and 80’s.  Do you think Summer will put off getting here as quickly as Spring did so we can enjoy those temps for a while before it gets too hot?  Here’s to hoping!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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