Jordan River Parkway

For 25 years of our 32 year marriage…. we have lived very close to the Jordan River Parkway.  Both our current home in Riverton and our last home in Murray,  were located within a 5 min or less walk to the Jordan River Parkway.  Much of our exercises in the warmer months takes place there.  It’s a great place to walk the dog and we like to ride our bikes there too.

Today we were watching our daughters dog, so we decided to get both dogs out walking.  Oh, yeah…. and us too!  Right now we can’t walk south very far without having to cross a very busy street since the river is running high and has flooded the pathway under the road.  So north we go for now!  We actually live in a great spot right now since, when the river isn’t running high, we can go a good distance both directions before there’s a break in the trail.  Especially now that 114oo South is complete at the river.  We can go south to 14600 So and north to almost 90th.  That’s a pretty good distance!

I was curious to see what the internet said about the trial and I found a link for a Google Earth map that showed the entire trail, from Utah Lake to connecting North with the Legacy Parkway Trail.  It’s interesting to note that there are only a few spots where the trail has not yet been completed and you need to take a ‘diversion’ to get back to the trail.    Supposedly, someday, the trail will be complete, giving a trail of about 40 miles to walk, bike, roller blade or enjoy any way you like!  That’s quite a trek!  One that I’m pretty sure I personally could not do in one day on a bike!  At least not at this point.  I don’t ride it enough to be in shape for that.

We have taken the opportunity to drive to a different starting point rather than starting right next to our house so we can enjoy a different area of the trail.  We do this on our bikes so we can go further and see more.  We actually have a basket attached to the back of my husband bike so that we can take the dog with us.  He rides in there most of the time, but likes to do a little running too.  Being a small dog, however…. he can’t keep up as well! But he prefers to be with us!

One of our favorite excursions south of here was starting at the area just east of the Veteran Memorial Park off Redwood Road.  You can ride south on the trail from that point all the way to Utah Lake.  I think our goal this summer will be to head north of the area in Murray where we used to live and discover what the trail is like there.  It’s the only area we haven’t been too at some point.  It’s nice to have that Google map to look at so you can figure exactly where you need to go!  It shows where all the restroom stops are and all the other things to stop and look at on the way too.

We feel very blessed to have this in our community and so close to our home.  We also appreciate each city’s effort to try and keep it clean and look forward to the completion of the trail someday!

In case you’re curious, here’s the link to the site where I found the link to the Google Earth map of the trail.  Click on the Jordan River Parkway Trail link that’s highlighted on the page.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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