Old Photos

I know I did a post on photography back in February….. but today my focus is more on ‘old photos’….  yes I know pictures of me when I was a child would be considered ‘old’!!  But old and precious photos for me today are black and white photography that are pictures of my parents when they were younger.

We took my Mom to lunch today for Mother’s Day.  After we got back to her care center, my eye caught a scrapbook that was sitting in her cabinet under the TV and I pulled it out to look at it.  This scrapbook was put together by my niece for my parents 50th Anniversary several years ago.  I had forgotten that the first half of the book was pictures of my parents.  Most were from when they were newly married, a few of them when they were smaller and several of them with my oldest brother and some of our family.

My Mom and Dad right after they were married

I gave Mom a hard time, which is not unusual, telling her she had more pictures of my oldest brother than of the rest of us!   I just laughed and said that’s pretty much how I was too!  You get so excited for your first child you get camera happy…. then the others come along and, not that you aren’t excited, you just get too tired to think about photos or carrying a camera around!!  At least I think that’s what happened with me… and boy do I regret it now!  I think today’s generation is a lot better about capturing those moments since they carry their digital cameras everywhere they go.  Just remember…. cameras where a little more bulky back then…. plus you had to remember to have some film in them!  Now you just pull out your camera and shoot!  You just have to empty the SD card when you run out of room on it!

Back to looking at the photos….  I got very melancholy looking at those pictures today.  At the end of May, it will be 5 years since my Dad passed away.  Looking at pictures of him as a young healthy tall young man was touching.  Seeing a few pictures of him when he was in his 40 and 50’s is the age I think I remember him most.  Then of course…. pictures of him in his later years as his body began to be bent and tired from years of being a brick mason and doing gardening.  Tucked in the back of the scrapbook were several copies of my Dad’s program from his funeral.  That was the clincher.  As I glanced through that, a flood of memories came back.  Looking at his handsome face on the cover brought tears to my eyes.  I didn’t let my Mom see though.  I miss him terribly!  More on him in a few weeks!

I talked my husband into bringing the scrapbook home with us and scanning all those old photos so that the entire family could have a digital copy of them.  I love that capability!  What a wonderful way to store photos with out taking up physical room…. just memory on the computer or a CD.  However, there is still something pretty special about the real touch and look of those old photos that digital loses!  I’m grateful that we have as many old photos as we do.  Grateful that I can look at those and either have wonderful memories associated with them or a learning experience by finding out about the history of each photo from my Mom!  Precious memories!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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