Since I took the opportunity to talk about my own Mom on her birthday….. I wanted today’s post to be a post about Mothers in general.

Let’s start off by asking… What is a Mother?  As I searched the internet for definitions, it was interesting to find some things that varied…. but my actual favorite was the description off of Wikipedia:   A mother, mom, mum, momma or mama, is a woman who has conceived, given birth to, or raised a child in the role of a parent.[1] Because of the complexity and differences of a mother’s social, cultural, and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to define a mother to suit a universally accepted definition.  I think that sums it up quite well.  It’s a hard definition to make in anyone’s book that would apply to all.

I’m sure most of you would agree that you have had several women in your life that have had a major influence on you.  I know I have.  And some of those amazing women have never had the opportunity to be a Mother and yet they have had a huge influence on a number of people.  I believe one of the main gifts that women have been given is to be nurturing.  Most women find ways to do that even if they don’t have children.  Now… bear in mind…. being nurturing, in my mind, doesn’t necessarily mean you are dealing with a young child.  We all need nurturing….. now matter what the age.  Nurture means to support, encourage, bring up and train.  I know I’m still being nurtured by that definition!

Though I look at Motherhood as one of the most wonderful things I have been blessed with in my life…. I  can also look back and be critical of myself to the point of seeing how inadequate at the job I was.  But rather than let that thought get me down…. I came to a realization that there is much wisdom with age.  Haven’t we been told that all our lives?  Part of life’s experience is to learn from our mistakes and try to help others not make the same ones!  Remember how when you were a teenager you didn’t think your Mom knew squat?  Did you notice as you got older that you realized she may have known more than you thought?  Perhaps we should listen to our elders more!  There is something to be said for maturity.  Along with it comes the realization that you don’t know it all!  My advice is to pay more attention to what Mom says!  You might just pick up a tidbit of good advice.

While we all make sacrifices in some way, a Mother’s sacrifice is enormous.  One of the many things floating around on Facebook today was this:  ♥ To all the unselfish moms out there who traded sleep for dark circles, salon haircuts for a ponytail, long showers for quick ones, late nights for early mornings, and designer bags for diaper bags, and wouldn’t change a thing ♥   That’s just a partial list of what Mom’s sacrifice!  But as it notes at the end….. she wouldn’t change a thing!

Moms and ALL women in a nurturing role are truly beautiful and amazing people!  However, sometimes we forget how much all the little things we do mean to the people in our lives.  Today I sang a song in church called SHE by Cherie Call.  The basic message of the song is that though you may not be a model or a diplomat or someone rich or famous…. you are beautiful… indispensable…. wonderful!  One of my favorite parts of the song goes like this:  And it breaks my heart every time I hear her wonder, if she means anything in this world that pulls her under.  And she doesn’t always see the way that Heaven smiles above her, that’s the reason that I try to always tell her that I love her!

So tell all those wonderful women in your life how much you love them today!  Tell them”Thanks” for all they’ve done and for just being who they are!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful women!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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