Anytime Access

When I was a kid…. we used to anticipate the Holidays for more than just the usual Holiday activities.  It was the one time a year that movies like The Wizard of Oz would appear on TV.  It was the only time you’d get to see it….. so you scheduled your activities around that time so you were available to watch.  And believe me….. you were glued to the TV!!  The other thing I remember was looking forward to Sunday evenings to watch The Wonderful World of Disney and even shows like The Ed Sullivan Show.

Now…. anytime you want to, you can watch a movie.  It’s pretty much at your fingertips.  At least all the newer ones are for sure.  Many of the old classics are available too.   With Blue-ray, DVD and even services like Netflix…. movies and TV shows are pretty much available 24/7.  In so many ways, that’s a good thing.  With our busy lifestyles, it makes it easier to see things at a more convenient time.  And for younger kids…. they love repetition.  Repetition can be a great teacher….. as long as what you are repeatedly watching is good!   Young children pick up an awful lot from what they see and they love to repeatedly watch the same shows over and over.  I guess that’s not much different, in a way, than me wanting to watch The Wizard of Oz every year.  But I didn’t have the ability to start the movie over again the minute it ended!  Therein lies the BIG difference.

We used to gather around the TV to watch shows together since they were only available at a scheduled time!

While I’m grateful to be able to have access to this kind of media anytime I want….. there is a lot to be said for only being able to view things at certain times.  With no TiVo or anything close to that….. you just had to be there!  It was your only chance.  I have to admit, that part of the limitation was a great way to bring families together.  The family room really did fill full of family members on those Sunday evenings because we all wanted to watch the TV.  And then when the shows were over, we would spend a little more time together as a family.  I’m not sure you get that same kind of gathering now a days…. at least not without making special arrangements for everyone to be there at a particular time.

Our current generation now is a faced paced generation.  Because we live in this ‘anytime access’ society, we have a tendency to want everything right now!  Things were much slower when I was  a kid (I’m pretty sure my parents said the same thing about their generation!).  We didn’t have all the extra curricular activities available like kids do now.  There’s so many more choices of things for them to participate in.  Again…  that’s a good and a bad thing!  We didn’t have access to something to watch on TV 24/7.  Do you remember when the channels actually went off the air in the evenings?  They would sign off by playing the National Anthem!  Check out his Youtube video:    Goodness…. what on earth did we do with ourselves without TV to watch!!  Maybe we actually went to bed!  Or read a book if we couldn’t sleep.

Things are very different today.  While I am grateful for the easy access to movies and such at any time…. I’ve come to realize writing this blog that I’m actually grateful things WERE different for me as a kid!  It’s helped to make me who I am!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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