I suppose a lot of people consider the fact that how easy it is to search for ‘people’ on Google can be scary.  In a way, it makes our lives kind of transparent!  There will always be weirdos out there using things like the internet to cause trouble.  But, really…. if you WANT to be found…. like for a business you are advertising, etc. ….  then Google searches are great!

The other day my kids and I were looking through some old photos and I ran across some old photos from my college days.  They were wonderful black and white photos of a performing group that I was in at BYU call Sounds of Freedom.  Unfortunately…. these photos had somehow suffered some damage through excessive moisture somehow.  Still not sure how that happened…. but it did.  Consequently, the photos were stuck together.  Luckily, for me, the name of the photographer was on the back of the picture.  I knew the name sounded familiar… but didn’t recall why for sure.

Now, I know it was a long shot to try and get a hold of the original photographer in hopes that he would still have negatives from the 70’s….. but I decided to give it a try anyway!  So…. through the wonders of Google…. I did a search on his name.  And wouldn’t you know it?  I found some links for leads to him!  The first was from a photography company out of Vegas which this particular photographer that I was looking for used to own and had trained the new owner….  So there was an endorsement on that website from this person I was looking for.  I sent an email to them asking if they could connect me with him.  Then I went back to Google and searched around again and found yet another link to him through his Bagpipping website!  (Who knew?)  What a coincidence!  At first I didn’t think it was him, but I thought…. what the heck and I sent an mail to that website.  Voila!!  Both emails got responses…. the first being from the photographer friend himself.  Though he said he has kept every negative of pictures he has taken over the years (can you believe that?)  …. the particular ones I was looking for had been turned over to BYU Program Bureau.  So…. though I didn’t luck into getting new copies of the pictures….. I reconnected with a old friend from BYU, got some advice on how to get my pictures ‘unstuck’ and now have ‘pictures’ of the pictures for my scrap book! Though not nearly as clear and wonderful as the originals…. at least it holds my memories!

That’s just ONE of the reasons I love Google!  Not to mention how I use it every day for these posts to help me find pictures to post with my blog!!  Oh…. and should I mention how much fun I was having today finding videos off Youtube through Google searches that related to a game I was playing with my friends on Facebook?  Too much fun!   I’m sure there are many other good search engines out there….. but Google is the one I use and I’m grateful for it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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