Easy Chairs

Before we moved to Riverton, we used to watch TV in our bedroom most of the time.  Kids included…. at least when they were little.  Sitting up in bed with a pillow under your back to watch TV is only semi- comfortable.  When we moved to Riverton we decided NOT to have a  TV in the bedroom.  As part of the move, I was able to purchase new furniture for most of the house.  We decided to make easy chairs a part of that purchase.  Now…. that seems to be where I spend a good portion of my day!  At least since we purchased a laptop.  I have to admit….. using a laptop in my easy chair is much more comfortable than sitting at a desk all day!  In fact…. probably too comfortable!  I need to be better about getting other things done!

I remember my Dad used to come home from working hard all day and sit back and relax in his easy chair for a good part of the evening.  My parents didn’t always have easy chairs though…..  Rocking chairs yes…. but not easy chairs.  I think it was much later in my Dad’s career before my parents bought easy chairs.  But they sure enjoyed them.

My husbands parents also enjoy their easy chairs.  (Does it mean I’m getting old if I admit that I like sitting in one?)  At least I haven’t reached to point where I have a motorized one like my Mom does!  But she needs it!  Not much strength left in her legs to be able to push the leg rest down….. it take s motor now!

Think how much more comfortable our lives are with the option of easy chairs!  I realize that not everyone has that luxury ….. or maybe even wants it….  but there is something to be said about propping your feet up to relax.  And I find my chair easy to take a quick nap in too!  What a life I lead!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


4 Replies to “Easy Chairs”

    1. Ha ha ha….. at pretty much any furniture store! I just have a recliner that I enjoy sitting in while working on my laptop! I guess I use the term Easy chair in referring to a recliner! Hope you can find you one!

    1. Now that, my friend, does look comfortable. I’m afraid, however, that I would have an extremely difficult time getting out of it! 🙂 Perhaps if I rocked it hard enough I could catapult myself out!

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