Sometimes I wonder if I was born at the wrong time!   That’s a long story that I won’t get into here….. but I have always loved Jazz standards from the 1940’s.  My Mom played that kind of music a lot when I was growing up, so I did hear it….. but for some reason it has just always been a favorite of mine.  Oh….. I certainly enjoyed the music of my generation, other than when Mom had her music going…. that’s pretty much all I listened to when I was ‘that age’.

Rosemary Ciooney is one of my many favorites

I think there’s something about the style of singing associated with Jazz music that I love.  Not just the songs….. but the sound of the voices.  I guess it would qualify as Easy Listening.  My definition of Easy Listening is a soothing sounding voice that you could listen to for hours without feeling like it was grating on your nerves.

I like to refer to the singers as ‘Crooners’.   Wikipedia says that the title of Crooner is usually given to men… probably because the women would swoon over them……  but I think it can apply to female singers from that era too.  In fact, I found a whole website with a ‘list’ of female crooners!  I’m sure you could find some men that would say they ‘swoon’ over some of those female voices!

I have a dream of someday recording an album of Easy Listening Jazz standards…. so lately I’ve been listening more to that kind of music.   I would love to croon my way through a lot of those old songs!  I’m grateful to have the access to recordings of these great singers from the past to inspire me.  Of course….. being an Alto… I love hearing the female singers with a lower range.  I’m discovering artists that I wasn’t aware of before and really enjoy listening to them.  What a great era of music!

What songs do you think I should cover on my dream album with music from the 1940’s era?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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