Watching ‘My Boys’ play ball

I’m so grateful that I can enjoy watching my boys play ball.  Definition of ‘my boys’:  my husband and my two sons.  At least at this point in my life those are the ‘boys’ in my life!  I suppose someday those will include grandsons and even perhaps some athletic granddaughters!

When the boys were small, they were always involved with Little League Baseball.  Mom didn’t like the idea of Football much (I know…. I know…) so they didn’t play football….. but Baseball and Soccer and Volleyball were the things they played growing up.  Of course, the difference in their ages made it so that they never played on the same team.

No.... this is NOT one of my boys....

But now that they are all grown….. they do play on the same team!  My nephew sponsors both a Men’s Softball Team and a Co-ed softball team.  So not only do my boys play together on the team, there are other family members on the team too so it makes it quite fun to watch the games.  What I really love is, though he doesn’t play as often, my husband is also on the roster as a back up.  That means that every once and a while all of my ‘boys’ are playing together on the same team!  Now THAT’S fun!  It’s a real joy to have that happen!  Might I humbly add that its a very good team and my boys are very fine players…. if I do say so myself!

We’ve spent a lot of time at ball parks during the summers over the years.  The last several years meant driving back and forth between different sports complexes to get the games in.  This year, however….. for whatever reason…..  the league that my boys are playing in plays at the same complex on Monday nights as where my husbands Senior teams play!  I can’t even tell you how nice it is to not have to drive back and forth and actually have my husband close by if they DO need him to play!  There will be times this summer when both games will be going at the same time…. but when they do I can go to the top of the complex and watch both games!

I’m grateful my boys inherited and were taught well by their Dad to play ball.  They got the best of both worlds!  The Athletic talent from their Dad and the musical talent from me!!

I am Grateful  How are you?


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