Going Back in Time

Have you ever had an experience where you knew you were in the present time but felt like you were ‘back in time’?  Yeah…. That was me today!  A little Marty McFly moment!   I went to the mall to look for a shirt to wear for a special occasion tomorrow and as I wandered the stores I felt like I was walking through the 60’s and 70’s!  Even though the fashion industry is claiming it’s back to the 70’s…. I still see a few 60’s look there too.

These ruffles remind me of things I wore in the 60's

It’s not an uncommon thing for fashion trends to recycle…. In fact it’s really quite expected.  It’s been done for years.  Of course the styles are brought back with a little different look or with newer fabrics….  But the basic style is there!   Though I know that’s the case….. It still felt very déjà vu today!  I’d look at an item of clothing and think: “I would have worn something like that!”  In fact…. Some of the items reminded me of clothes I remember having…. a few even down to the print of the fabric!

The Maxi is back!!

The other thing that made me laugh and realize it was fashion recycling was seeing all the neon colored clothing!  My first thought…… “You’ve got to be kidding!”   Took me back a few years to when my kids were little and neon was popular.  That was back in the day when I actually sewed a lot of their clothing.  Neon fabric was readily available, so Mom went to town making some neon outfits for them!

I’m grateful for the walk down memory lane today…..  and grateful that I’m aware enough to recognize the old made new again!  Now if Nauru jackets come back in style…. Then I’ll KNOW I’ve gone back in time!  Bring it on!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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