Positive Mindset

The power of our subconscious mind is really incredible.  I wonder how many of us really understand that.  Myself included.  We can study about it a lot…. but putting its principles into practice is where we seem to stumble.  On my quest for self improvement, I’m trying to make a list of ‘daily affirmations’ that I need to get in the habit of repeating everyday.

Part of the difficulty in making a list like that is the fact that when you are writing them or repeating them….. your ‘inner voice’ keeps trying to convince you that what you are saying is not true!  That is a hard one to get past.  Here’s a comment from the website Meditations for Women that I felt summed that up quite nicely:   Can you believe that as many as 90,000 thoughts a day pass through our brains! Most of those thoughts are the same ones, over and over. The trouble is, that if the majority of our thoughts are negative, repetition will make them seem like truth.    It really is the repetition that makes us believe it to be a truth!  Whether it is a negative or a positive thought.  That’s why daily affirmations are so important!   I’m committing to you to do them daily!  If I can blog daily…. I can certainly take a few minutes a read some positive affirmations!

It’s all in the mindset!  I received an email today with the following content in it that I thought was so interesting.  It’s proof as to how much power our mindset has over how we feel and act and what can happen in our life when we believe what we are thinking:

Dr. Ellen Langer studied a group of male volunteers over the age of seventy at a retreat center for five days. They all had to agree that they would live in the present as though it were 1959.

They had to dress as they had then, watch TV shows from 1959, read newspapers and magazines from the time and talk as if 1959 were right now. They also brought pictures of themselves from that year and put them around the center.

Dr. Langer then measured many of the parameters that often deteriorate with aging, such as

  • physical strength,
  • perception,
  • cognitions,
  • taste, and
  • hearing.

Over the course of 5 days, many of the chosen parameters actually improved. Serial photographs showed that the men looked about five years younger as well. Their hearing and memory improved. As they changed their mindsets about aging, their physical bodies changed as well.

Dr. Langer writes, “The regular and ‘irreversible’ cycles of aging that we witness in the later stages of human life may be a product of certain assumptions about how one is supposed to grow old. If we didn’t feel compelled to carry out these limiting mindsets, we might have a greater chance of replacing years of decline with years of growth and purpose.”

Christiane Northrup, MD
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Don’t you find that experiment fascinating?  Maybe that’s why we feel so much younger for a while when we allow ourselves to go down memory lane and really feel like we are there again!!  Now there’s a great idea for a High School Reunion!  If everyone would agree to dress and act like it was the year you graduated…. you’d all feel much younger for a few hours!

I’m grateful for the knowledge I have that is it really is up to me to create my own mindset.  Though we may feel like we are fighting demons along the way…. it can be done!  Have you got your positive affirmation list made yet?  If not….. start today!!  Share what some of those affirmations are in the comment box below.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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