Being a Woman

Though at times it can be challenging, I’m grateful I’m a Woman!  For one thing……. we’re much prettier and have a multitude of choices to make when it come to things like: “What should I wear today?”   I mean….. who wants to choose between a suit that’s black or gray and which tie to wear with that suit…..  or which pair of jeans to wear with which color of golf shirt?   (Sorry guys…. but there’s not much variety in that!!)   However….. though I am one who likes to ‘adorn’ herself with clothing, makeup and jewelry….. not every woman does and that’s OK!  (I think I’ve actually grown more vain the older I get!)  There certainly are more important aspects of being a woman than that!

According to St. Edith Stein, ‘the main function of woman is to protect, preserve, shelter, guard, help, bring warmth in a cold universe i.e. to be maternal.’   That maternal instinct just comes to woman so naturally.  Recently, a few young friends of mine became a new Mothers and it’s so delightful to read the posts they make on Facebook regarding this experience!   Comments like: “Isn’t she an angel? There is nothing more pure than a child. I’m so blessed.”  The comment is posted along with a darling picture of her little one.  And…. of course…. her profile picture is now of the baby…. not her!  Just so typical of the love of a Mother spewing forth from her heart!  And they wonder in amazement how that love can grow stronger daily.  I think most women can understand what I mean.  Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to have a child of your own….. you have felt that love increase for a niece or nephew…. for a friends child or even a pet!   Oh…. or even a man!!  <grin>  It’s just a natural thing for a woman to be nurturing!

Woman have many more qualities than just the nurturing side.  They are great organizers, great multi-taskers and very creative.  That creativity can be shown in so many ways.  Not only in the home, but also on the job.  The biggest problem I think we face as women is having confidence in ourselves….. trying to maintain a good self image!  The world tries to make us feel that if we don’t look or act a certain way, that we are not valuable.  That is just not true.  We each have our own gifts and talents to contribute to this universe that are uniquely ours.  A person is not measured by how he looks but by what he does.  And the little things we do….. add up to a lot!  One day at a time…. line upon line…… little by little.

Woman have made major contributions over the course of history.   Two very different examples that come to mind are Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa.   There are many many more examples of women who’ve made a major impact on society.  Feel free to mention some of them!  And…… there are MILLIONS of women who have impacted society without major recognition!  Can you all think of at least one?  I can!  (Thanks, Mom!)

Of course…. this world would not be complete without women!  After all…. we are the givers of life…. Life would cease to exist without us!   Carry on, Ladies!  I’m proud to be numbered amongst you!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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