Have you ever been blown away by the people you see in a story on the news?  By that I mean blown away in a good way…..   There are lots of people out there that do amazingly stupid things that make the news…..  I’m talking about the kind of things that make you feel good.  That restore your faith in humanity.  Such was the case a few days ago on the local news.

I actually don’t watch the news a lot anymore…… too depressing…..  But my son made me aware of this story because of the tie with my maiden name.  He wondered if we were related.   Now…. while this story involved people that I am related to…..  the story is NOT about them!  It’s about the admirable thing the young family did that purchased the home of my relatives.

Picture this…..  you have finally been able to purchase your first home for your family.  Something modest… nothing elaborate.  It’s an older home so it’s in need of repairs and updating.  Plus you have a desire to adopt a another child someday and a car in need of repair.  But, finances are not such that you can do either.  You are just grateful to have been able to make that first home purchase.  In the process of being excited to actually have the keys to your new home in your hand,  you take a walk around your new home and find yourself inside of the garage where there’s a work bench from the former owner.  As you gaze around at this work bench area, your eyes are drawn to a little cubby hole opening above the bench.  Of course you’d want to check it out to see what’s up there.  Is it access to attic space that will give you more storage than you previously thought you might have?  Grabbing a ladder, you climb up to see what’s there.  To your astonishment….. you find seven metal boxes that look like World War II ammunition cases.  Inside those cases…… thousandsof dollars rolled up and stuffed inside.  After counting the money you find there is over $45,000!  Here’s the clincher…… what would YOU do?

The Ferrin Family returns the found money to it's rightful owners

Remember….. this is a family that could have used that money for themselves for legitimate needs.  Instead….. realizing that the former owner had spent his life putting this money away for his own family to inherit and that this was an opportunity to teach your own children a very important lesson…..  The Josh Ferrin family contacted the children of the former owner, who was now deceased, and asked them to come over to the house because they had discovered something that they felt belonged to them.  If you ever need a lesson in honesty…… this is a great one to refer to!  No ‘Finders Keepers’ mentality here!

And what of the family that had the money returned?  Well….. of course they were grateful.  They had no idea that their Father had hidden all that money over the years.  As for Josh Ferrin….. here is a quote from an article in MSNBC:  “I’m a father, and I worry about the future for my kids,” Ferrin said. “I can see him putting that money away for a rainy day and it would have been wrong of me to deny him that thing he worked on for years. I felt like I got to write a chapter in his life, a chapter he wasn’t able to finish and see it through to its conclusion.”

I am grateful for people like the Ferrin family!  What an example they are to me and to the world!  Now…. I wish for them that this amazing act of honesty will come back to them!  That their life will be filled with generous acts from others and that their dreams will come true.  I see a generation of children being raised under their wing that will have instilled in them the values of honesty and integrity.  May it come back to you hundredfold!

For more information and complete articles and newsreels, go to the following links:



Do you have examples of amazing honesty in your life?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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