Mother Eve

What a wonderful lesson we had in Relief Society today!  It was truly inspiring and made me want to study and learn more about Eve….  the Mother of all Living!

The lesson today was based on the talk given by Quentin L. Cook in this last session of LDS General Conference titled: LDS Women Are Incredible!  Since I just blogged about being grateful for being a Woman….. I won’t go into too much detail about the talk itself….but rather the things taught in the lesson.  Our teacher felt inspired to refer to a couple of books she had read by Beverly Campbell titled:  EVE and the Choice Made in Eden and EVE and the Mortal Journey: Finding Wholeness, Happiness and Strength.

As we discussed Eve and her decision to ‘partake’ or give into temptation…. these books helped us to realize that Eve knew what she was doing.  She understood that unless she partook of the Tree of Life that she and Adam would not be able to fulfill the first commandment given to them….. to multiply and replenish the Earth.  It was with that knowledge that she knowingly made the choice to give into ‘temptation’.  She could see the ‘bigger plan’.  What I found really interesting about this was the additional knowledge of the fact that it was actually Satan who got ‘duped’!   Though he was not aware that that was happening.  He thought he was really tempting her to do something that would mess this whole thing up, when in reality…… he was part of the plan to bring it all about!   Another interesting thought with this was that because it DID happen that way….. Satan really has it in for women!!

I’ve known and understood a lot of what I just mentioned for a long time…… but to see and understand that incident in the Garden is the reason why Satan might ‘hate’ women….. had never crossed my mind!  Satan knows and understands how strong and influential women are and does all he can to thwart the plan still today!  As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago……. Women struggle daily with Self – Esteem and now I think I understand better why!  It is totally one of Satan’s tools to bring us down and get discouraged and feel that we aren’t worth much.  We are always harder on ourselves than anyone else is!  Oh that cunning one!  Hence the reason that we continually need to hear talks and reminders about how wonderful we are as women!!

I’m grateful that that little ‘ah-hah’ moment was brought to light for me today!  I’m grateful that I have the desire to study these books to gain a greater understanding of Mother Eve and the Divine destiny of Women!  Thanks for such a wonderful lesson today Kelly!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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