Our Pets

For those of you that have children or nieces and nephews or any relationship with a child that you love, you know what it’s like when they do something clever or silly or heartwarming!  It just makes you giggle or feel really good inside, right?

So my question is…. how many of you have had that same feeling for a pet?  Animal lovers will know and understand what I mean.  Our pets mean a lot to us, and though humans may be considered as the supreme intelligence….. believe me…. animals are smart!  They each have their own little personalities just as each of us do.  Sometimes I think you really can communicate with them!  I know, people will argue that it’s a learned response from them….. but sometimes I wonder!

I swear our cute little Scooter knows exactly what we are talking about sometimes.  While he does respond to certain words….  I still think he understands us more than we think.  I just wish I could always understand him!

Here’s an example.  My neighbor that live behind us is temporarily tending her son’s dog.  She is a Border Collie mix of some kind and goes by the name of Raven.  We haven’t got fences between our yards and the neighbor’s house is up a little higher on a ridge, so Scooter can see out the back door when Raven is out and about.  He makes such a fuss when he sees her!  It’s just like having a little kid start whining and saying “Please Mommy!  I want to go play with Raven….. Please!  Why can’t I go play with Raven!  Mommy…. I want to go outside and play with Raven!  etc. etc”  Literally….. it’s just like that!   And…. just like you do with your own children, sometimes he gets his way!   Other times I wish I knew what he was trying to tell me!  I don’t always know.  It’s usually a cry for some kind of attention, but not always.

Our pets personalities are so varied and fun.  I was very humored the other day when Raven was out in the yard and was trying to get a rock up the hill.  As I mentioned, the neighbor’s house is up on a ridge above us.  The neighbor was out working in the yard and had some large rocks that she was putting in a rock garden.  One had rolled down the hill….. now whether Raven did that or not I don’t  know…. but she was down there trying to get that rock to move up the hill and making a big fuss to try and get my neighbor to come down and help her get it up.  Of course, the noise she was making alerted Scooter she was out and he wanted to go…. so I let him.  However….. Raven was so determined to get that rock back up the hill that she paid no attention to Scooter.  She was not about to get distracted from her work!  She is a Working Dog breed after all!  But it just struck me so funny that she wanted to please her master so much by being helpful and yet couldn’t quite do it on her own.  Of course, my neighbor finally came down the hill and brought the rock back up.  Raven is quite the character.

We love our pets because of their personalities.  Though sometimes some of those traits may not appeal to others…… we love them just like a Mother loves her child.  Even when they misbehave, we still love them!

I’m grateful to have Scooter be a part of our lives.  I’m grateful for my ‘grand puppies’ too!  Now there’s another personality thing I could get into….but I won’t today!  What personality quirks does your pet have that are endearing to you?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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