Green, Green, Green!

Ahhh…… Green seems to be one of my favorite colors.  Just look in my closet and you’ll see that!  But today…. the green I love is in nature!  Even though the weather hasn’t felt very Spring like lately….. it has finally warmed up to the point that every thing is finally starting to turn green!

As my husband and I headed out for our walk this morning…. I looked up at the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and noticed a green blanket covering them.  Out to the South on South Mountain an all the way north as far as I could see…..  a nice green blanket topped off with snow.  Along the river trail everything is green too.  Granted….. some of that greenery is noxious weeds…… but it’s still all green!!  It was just a lovely fresh feeling to see all the green today.  

I love what Spring represents!  A new life, a new beginning, and a fresh start!  I’m sure you’ve heard the comparison of the Seasons to certain phases of our life.  And it seems to make sense, allegorically speaking of course.  I know making a fresh start is pretty much what I do every Spring!  Besides saying I’m setting a New Year’s Resolution in December to exercise….. which doesn’t last long…..  Spring is always a chance to renew that resolution because I prefer the outdoor exercise anyway!

Today I’m grateful for Spring Green!  And grateful for a day to enjoy good enough weather to get my walk in!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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